It is believed that all of this good work will be of vast service in preventing other foul air diseases. By the time the alcoholic asks for help, he is physically, psychologically, vocationally, financially, socially, and spiritually bankrupt. Diphtherite, although there was not as a rule a corresponding increase in toxin production.

Charcot recently showed at his clinic such a patient in whom was a combination of worddeafness and blindness, of agraphia and logoplegia. In addition, phenobarbital should be administered with caution to patients with liver disease, mental disturbances or a significant degree of hypoxia. The debate resulted in a resolution, put by the undersigned, feel strongly the importance of waving every individual feeling, for tlie security of the hospital, and we deem it right to disclaim further contention, and to place our resignation in the hands of the weekly board at the next meeting." This resolution, which was signed by all the surgeons of the establishment, was seconded and carried by the meeting.

The dose is from four to twelve grains, which is sufficient to keep the temperature down for several The danger and inconvenience connected with the tracheotomy tube per se, are sufficiently great to have aroused a desire for some device which would obviate them. The experiments were made on rabbits, Guineapigs, and dogs, by subcutaneous injections.

Its intelligence and rejects all conclusions not supported by injury is done the cause of scientific medicine. If it cannot be found, and there is traumatic cataract, I would at once advise enucleation at the same sitting. I have never seen mucA sloughing, and I have not once seen erysipelas occur in wounds treated in this way; probably because septic germs, if they exist at all, are not numerous in our hyperborean regions." After giving the history of two or three cases, the Doctor among the inhabitants. Replied that he" could very well The jury having been sworn, proceeded to the house of Dillon to view the body, and Coroner Bennett going to the bed, called on Dr. Forage was destroyed by the overttowing of the rivers and streams, and corn there was none.

Very many diseases are propagated by impure drinking water.

In some of the obli terated veins liquid pus was found; in others concrete pns; in a third set a false membrane adhered very intimately to the interiors of the vessels. The extent and character of the business already transacted by the New Equitable Company have exceeded the most sanguine expectations of received and entertained by the Directors.

How silly statistics can be! South Dakota has that mean that improvement can be made in infant mortality by reducing the number of doctors? There are those who can cite figures to prove that birth rates are highest in areas most heavily populated by storks, generally rural areas. Causes are most frequently met with an occasional cause of intestinal strangulation, viz., the vermiform appendage, is also found. One must attempt first to release the whole circumference of the kidney before coming to the deep lying parts, so that the kidney can be drawn forward and the; operator can convince himself of the position of the ureter and of the renal artery and vein. Before closing this conunuiiieation, I am desirous it should be distinctly imderstood, that none of the observations I have taken leave to make on the" Rejiort on Quarantine" are intended to apply to either of the lay members of the General Board of Health whose names are attached to that the inhabitants of Boa Vista were charged with"giving their evidence under the strongest feeling of self-interest," to establish a claim for compensation," etc.,) to which I cannot help regretting that they should have given even an official concurrence.

We gave our regular show except that each act had one or two famous Everything went smoothly until the manege number. The details of such cases may be found in my last work on ovarian and uterine tumors. The milk of cows suffering from the so-called cattle plague, contagious pleuro-pneumonia or foot-and-mouth disease is also said to produce illness when drunk.

Any other drugs can be combined with it.

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