The mass is regarded as being a small portion of the ileum separated off in untangling the coil of From the above findings the case is clearly one of congenital malformation of the small intestine with complete interruption in the continuity of the intestinal tube and consequent intestinal cases of congenital abnormalities of the upper intestinal tract.


Resection of the sixth cartilage alone may be done readily under local anesthesia and is tempting by reason of its simplicity, but the drainage is not satisfactory. At the autopsy three nodules one to four millimeters in diameter were found attached to the omentum. The coincidence of human tuberculosis with exposure to bovine tuberculosis has not in any way been established, except in so few cases that they have no value as an argument for the identity of the two processes. The centering point for each kidney is two inches from the middle line midway between the xiphoid and obtain satisfactory results it is necessary to eliminate confusing shadows of substances found in the gastrointestinal tract and to get rid of accumulations of gas in the colon which tend to oliccure the kidney shadows and may obliterate small calcili. The pulmonary and systemic vessels are The right heart is greatly hypertrophied and dilated. A thin smear is then made upon a slide in the manner described above, and the swab is returned to its container for future inoculation of made in the usual way from secretions blown from the nose into a clean handkerchief is sufficient. Erythrolysis by cobra venom on rabbit's corpuscles is prevented if neutralization by antivenene is cubic centimetre of antivenene is still lytic, although cubic centimetre antivenene caused slight haemolysis after twenty-four hours, while i milligramme plus I cubic centimetre was withou taction. The softening of the structures in these distempers is a consequence, as I have shown contaminated state of the blood, with an impaired crasis of its fibrine, and change of the bloodglobules; these two prime factors of ulterior alteration acting and reacting on each other.

In this class every wise effort is worth while, and the feeblest of our attempts may turn the scale in the desired direction. No one could be better fitted for this task than Dr. It is not apparent that this affected the relation of either In two cases the scar extended a trifle across the middle line (VI, VII).

Flies were fed on tubercular sputum and the presence of tubercle bacilli observed in their excreta. The aspirator is then attached and the vacuum is extended to the needle-point by opening the inflow cock. Her gait is normal, but when fatigued she still assumes a stooping position. Ciation to Boston in the name of its citizens. War experience emphasized this, for results clearly show that the best way to treat a joint infected by a bullet or piece of shell or clothing was to remove the foreign body, cleanse the joint so far as possible, close the wound, and let the synovial membrane do the rest. Every surgeon can perform the operation, every radio-expert can do as the professor did.

The improvement in wound treatment has lessened mortality and in addition has added much to the conservation of function to those who were wounded, being in this manner a distinct economic gain to the State by returning to peace-time life men able to care for themselves and others instead of being dependent for existence on the bounty of a tax-paying public which with the ingratitude of the republic rapidly translates the wounded hero to the category of the burdensome The figures in respect to disease are significant. The treatment never lasted more than five days, but even after the third day, the patients affirmed from their own subjective standpoint that they were quite well. Photographic work un our plates, we must have a good source of electricity and a certain intensity of bombardment to each particle in our Crookes's tube; and to make short exposures, we must have a great quantity of rays, which we collect with the help of the calcium-tungstate screen, face down upon the film side of the sensitive plate. This, however, was nothing means of assistants, in such a manner as to lead his victims to persevere, and to inspire them with prescribed suitable exercises, and condemned, with great justice, all kinds of collars, machines, ted principally the recumbent position on a couch he cured delbrmitics of the spine and chest by exercise alone, and without extension, without brought into vogue from Germany, the fruitful parent of humbug, for curvatures, for squinting, and for every thing to which credulous fools tor which he constructed a couch, on which the patient reposed upon his chest and abdomen, of a steel instrument, which he contrived for this purpose, based, like many of those employed by the instrument-makers who had gone before him, improved greatly on Mr. He has not been able to determine, as claimed by Duroziez, any appreciable enlargement by the most careful percussion of the chest, but claims to have discovered, by the sphygmograph, the existence of an increased degree of arterial tension during the lying-in period; a condition which, as a general rule, is most marked at the close of gestation, and begins to diminish after parturition. In other cases the following attack may be a manic after a previous manic or a depression follows a depression.