In narcotic sleep the senses are more completely shut to external stimuli than in normal sleep," while in hypnotic sleep the senses are excessively active and keen. Such a diet, however, constitutes a hardship when continued shortenings, margarine, and mayonnaise. Nitrogen mustard, which is given intravenously, produces an effect similar to total body irradiation. Do not think that I am in the least opposed to the use of medicine.

The army and navy is officered by men who belong to the only system of medicine and surgeiy in existence.


Usually the inflammation subsides in two or three days, superseded by a more or less profuse discharge. Many other curves had been planned out by "m.xtrasize.pl" the author, but only a few had proved useful for the purpose in hand. It seems to have been merely a sort of common-place book, in which he collected under different heads all that occurred to him worthy of notice in his own practice, together with the opinions of former writers; and accordingly exhibits all the faults that such a work might be expected to contain. The dose of Fowler's Solution for this purpose, is three to six drops after meals, upon puffiness, or watering cf the eyes, or derangement of the stomach or bowels occurring, its use ought to be suspended for two or three days, until these symptoms disappear,) and then begun again. Craig Coats, Delegate New York HISTORY OF MEDICINE LEGAL MEDICINE Hilton H. Unless it is perfectly clear that the cord is irremediably damaged, an open operation to establish the condition of the cord and to relieve pressure is imperative as soon as surgical shock has been recovered from.

Inflammations of the left upper lobe are especially obstinate and deviating from the normal course; they occur the least frequently. If the diabetes is allowed to continue longer, a much longer period of fasting may be necessary for sugar- freedom, or it may be impossible to obtain. Menstrual cycles in the female are important to inquire about. The principal advantages of massage and early mobilization were that pain soon disappeared and that the duration of the process of Puncture of the Testicle for Diagnostic Purposes. According to the literature the onset of the third stage is. The meeting in behalf of the funds of the Western Infirmary, of which I spoke in my last letter, his taken place, and ended, of couisc, as it was.seen beforehand it must do, in a vote of confidence in the institution and those who man.agc it, and in a resolution to raise the of the year should no sudden and unlooked for legaeie.f come in previously.

Ulcers may be present for an indefinite period and no symptoms follow until obstruction, perforation, and hemorrhage appear, if the acidity is low or absent and the ulcer locates itself along the lesser curvature or near the pylorus. Usually, the mother-cyst presents at the opening, and it is often expelled forthwith by the coughing efforts of the patient, aided by the fingers of the operator. China if the face is pale, the infant small and of a delicate frame and in cases where the mother has had profuse hemorrhage. However, I believe that the suspicion of infarction is easier to raise from the protocol in view of the subsequent course than it was to entertain such a diagnosis at that time.

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