The supposed causes of these results will seem quite absurd to those who study them afterwards, but they were living realities to the sufferers. Leighton Davies asked whether the author had notes as to the character of the conjunctiva in the cases in which late infection occurred. This condition of affairs has been complicated and aggravated by administration of existing narcotic laws in the various States and of the Harrison narcotic law by the Federal Government, and many of the rulings of the Federal Government and the provisions of State narcotic laws and sanitary codes of municipalities of the United States point to an organized conspiracy on the part of certain administrators and physicians to drive narcotic drug addicts into established sanitaria purporting to treat and cure narcotic drug addiction; Whereas, This conspiracy has taken the course of rulings, provisions and regulations by the Federal prohibition commissioner at Washington, acting for the Internal Revenue Department of the Treasury Department in the matter of narcotic control, and by the passage of statutes by various State legislatures and the regulation of narcotic drug distribution by various boards of health of various municipalities of the United States, which are contrary to existing medical bibliography, clinical, and pathological research, and the best medical and lay experience in the handling of addict patients; Whereas. Of the nervous system, losing sight of the fact that the nervous system, while it directs all of the activities of the rest oif the organism, supplies nothing toward its own nutrition and is not concerned in the elimination of the waste materials of its own activity.


It is probable that in a case of incipient carcinoma of the cervix the neoplasm might be totally destroyed by a local caustic, but here calcium would be a poor selection and any palliative treatment would be Few statements could be more serious than those of reported in the medical press, in which they state that they have kept inoperable cases of uterine carcinoma in a'Tiappy statu quo" by the application of calcium carbid every four to five days. Only rarely does it happen that a tuberculous patient vomits without some such?nechanical cause as coughing. Suppuration seems to occur more frequently in some epidemics than in others, and at the Philadelphia Hospital during one year nearly all the cases in the erysipelas wards presented local abscesses.

The infected individual learns to tolerate the excretions and ferments of an organism still pathogenic to the The ease with which an epidemic can spread in a population depends, among other things, on the degree of infectivity of the specific germ and the density, that is the number per unit area, of people susceptible to that degree of infectivity. Why does he do it? Because subconsciously he believes that he will live forever, and subconscious knowledge, persisting thru generations, is more convincing than the logic of upper-conscious argument.

These painful conditions always develop unless the arch is supported.

The reason for their acceptance as remedies has been that the giving of anything produces a more hopeful attitude in the mind of the patient and this, by bettering the general health, sometimes overcomes the tendency that may exist to a repetition of such infectious processes. I believe I may say that this operation is now almost universally practised by surgeons. The patient should be freely sweated and if the convulsions persist the chloral or morphia may be repeated.

The married roue receives adulation in secret such as is bestowed upon the conqueror in other fields, openly. The normal appendix has all the possibilities of evil great and small! statistical points determined before the taking of the histories. Other and less important claims she watches with an Argus eje, but can behold no wisdom in watching over the health and the lives I am happy to announce, however, that another effort, bearing the approval of this College, is now in progress to procure a law for Philadelphia only, for the registration of births, marriages, and deaths. Rowlands), Heswall hospital, treatment of children with Heterophoria in flying officers, treatment of, general an;psthetic (ethanesal): its theory strength of Ctesarean section scar in High tension, injurious effect on X-ray tubes, on case of new growth in left bronchus, on case of tumours growing from right supra on lymphosarcoma of post-nasal"space, reduction of blood-pressure in eclampsia, Hip-joint, amputation at, by a posterior flap dislocation of, and other deformities, case of congenital, associated with multiple cartilaginous exostoses, case (E.

Thomson), of skin, extensive and severe case of, successfully treated by picric brass preparations combined with heliotherapy (-J. Operation on the mastoid showed extensive suppuration; wide exposure of the dura mater of the middle fossa and posterior fossa showed dura normal.

Normal or residual typhoid fever is a warm weather disease and corresponds in this regard with cholera, dysentery, and the infantile diarrheas, and other intestinal infections. In the scar, the growth being colloid carcinoma. The profession of betting without any concern in training, is certainly a pleasant one; and one, which in my early youth, dictu, I had the wit to discover that I was too slow to be worth training; m short, utterly unqualified for so arduous an attempt. To the politeness of our friend, Professor James A.

The Wassermann reaction under similar conditions grows less and less marked, and in the course of several weeks becomes negative. This combination is of higher grade than the mechanic bond of absorption and generally of lower grade than the chemical combinations of water, such as water of crystallization.

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