Or it may be shewn by pressing a glass slide upon the mucous lining of the everted lower lip; or the skin, on the forehead or elsewhere, may be rubbed until, as it reddens, the pulsing comes into view. It was printed and reprinted three or four It is the advice of the greatest anatomists, that authors on this subject should not be read before an acquaintance with the parts is, in some degree, obtained by seeing bodies dissected; previous to dissection, books rather retard than facilitate the progress. The course covers electro-coagulation, radium, anci actinic rays. It is, however, a general method, and is a suitable one also for the demonstration of vegetable micro-organisms in tissues.

AURI'GO, (ab aureo colore, from its yellow colour ), ORPIMENT, and AURIPIGMEXT. During the Boer war, when the ravages of typhoid were appallingly severe, Dr.

Early operation has frequently revealed the presence of advanced peritoneal inflammation and purulent exudation in cases in which the only sjTnptoms were localized' pain and rigridity. We know in fact, that a continuous current, i)assed for' a certain time through the nerves or the limbs of an animal, not only diminishes the residts of experiments that this kind of bypostheuisant action is not appreciable in man.

This inconvenience will very soon arise in the use of these ptisans, if the patient be restricted to a single one of their number.

Blisters are often employed in the same circumstances instead of scarifications, and are equally useful. Later on, to two tubercular children, and finally, when the curative effects were found invariably the same, to healthy children of tubercular surroundings for immunizing purposes.


We knew it gave results but how it did so was From now on cod liver oil will interest us in terins of vitamines. Sibson myocardium may be regarded as almost always accompanying endocarditis.

Cover-glasses should be of the best quality, and for smaller stock of thicker cover-classes should be kept for the examination of faeces and making"squash" preparations. To the cranium and the acromion. Any basic stain gives good results, and weak carbol fuchsin is perhaps the best of the aniline stains. Decidedly, it is not a drug to prescribe in a perfunctory way. The patient is generally costive, though sometimes he will have loose stools.

Thereafter the procedure is similar to that described in B. Most probably the CERUSSA All the parts of this plant abound with a mucilaginous matter, with little odour or taste.

By this means pathogenic bacteria, if present, may usually be detected, or bacteria may be found, the presence of which points conclusively to sewage pollution. The tub is filled with water of to two ounces of brandy, the face and chest are laved with ice-water, and then he is gently placed in the water. Some recover from both the dysentery and the abscess, but a dropsy terminates the scene.

This training showed itself later in the splendid mastery it gave him of the English language. The difference in sensation conveyed to the finger by touching the two surfaces was as palpable as the impression conveyed to The only doubt now remaining about the case was, whether it might not be the uterus which had very recently been delivered of an early ovum. Agent lessening the secretion of sweat. In some subjects, however, it produces agitation, headache, vomiting, purging, and sleeplessness. The hand should be kept upon the fundus merely that its condStion miay be continuously observed.

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