We have here given everything of importance for the entering Student to know; for any further details he should apply for a prospectus to the authorities of the Average corrected to increased population BIRTHS and DEATHS Registered and METEOROLOGY At tha Royal Observatory, Qreeowich, the tne-mreadinsrof the barometer Assistant Ophthalmic Sm-geon to the Hospital, and Lecturer on Ophtbalmologr in the Medical School. That it does restore the tone of the sexual apparatus and overcome impotency I am confident I have often obtained excellent results from its use when given alone, and have, at the same time, obtained good results from the use of avena sativa, but with neither remedy alone have I obtained as good results as with the two in combination. DeSchweinitz, closing: It is probable that the effect of thyroid extract in relieving tumors of the pituitary body depends upon the fact that many of these growths represent hyperplasia of the gland substance and, therefore, are amenable to the influence of this drug.

And valerianate, bomyl oxide (?), terpi'neol (?), limonene (?), sesquiterpene, sesquiterpene hydrate. It is well in all cases where such an oval swelling is felt in a hernia, to examine carefully the abdominal cavity for evidences of glandular enlargement.

In more than one contest wo know that men have deliberately put on one side political feeling, and have voted for a given candidate out of a conviction that he was the best man obtainable for the post. Barney, Lynchburg, up to that post, while Dr.

It drew on Greek models which were already beginning to undergo the change known as' Byzantinism'. It is therefore quite probable that some of the late cases developed through contact with those who first contracted the disease. A small dose causes involuntary evacuations, loss of muscular power, convulsions and temporary paralysis. Have had various ill-defined uses in medicine. Extract of colocynth should be kept in well-stoppered residue evaporated to dryness and powdered. Thirdly, if necessary a direct transfusion is beffiin either before or during the operation. The initial pain, as a rule, radiates all over the abdomen, and the patient indicates its site by sweeping the hand across the belly or round the umbilical region. Water and dilute acids, soluble in alcohol, difficultly soluble in ether and chloroform; readily converted by age or chemical manipulation into resinous decomposition-products. Is known to most Eclectic physicians to be one of the most important of the various valuable salts of The salt is an anhydrous, prismatic crystal of an orange-red color, having a cooling, bitter taste, insoluble in alcohol, and soluble in ten parts of cold water and much Potassium Bi-chrom ate possesses the properties of an antiseptic, an alterative, a sedative, a diuretic, is an unexcelled expectorant, and when brought in contact with the skin, an irritant and caustic, producing The therapeutic action and uses of this remedy in minute doses frequently given has been known to Eclectics many years. There shall be ten meetings of the society, Boale, John A., Vandergrlft Heights. DELIVEEED AT THE LONDON HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEQE DUKINO notice is one of considerable importance. This is partly because they are then protected from the attack of antiseptic lotions by the tissues and fluids in which they lurk, partly because the tissues are generally more liable to be hurt by the antiseptic measures than the organisms are. The technic for obtaining the blood is simple. As a dusting-powder it may be applied with benefit in the treatment of superficial ulcers, burns, scalds, and abrasions.

Bromine and its "" solutions color starch-paste brownyellow. One must bear in mind that a surgeon does not usually get such early cases, hence my experience is limited. What he does claim, and what he is always ready to maintain, is that there are certain disease expressions which are indicative of certain conditions; and for these conditions he has discovered remedies that will relieve them, and assist Mother Nature in restoration to That this doctrine is true, that it is practical, that it is successful, there are thousands of physicians scattered all over this country who will gladly testify.

Radioimmunoassay and bioassays showed that tumor extracts and further purified fractions were active in corticotropin-releasing factor, and the tumor material coeluted with corticotropinreleasing factor on high-pressure liquid chromatography. His wax castings of the heart' A form of gypsum to be inflated, and a thin glass within, and then break it from head to foot'; and:' The form of the glass, to see in the glass what the blood does in the heart when first made a wax cast of the ventricles and their vessels, over this he made a gypsum cast, and from this a glass cast. In any eye we can produce pulsation, both venous and arterial, by pressing gently upon the globe with the finger; but should it occur spontaneously in the arteries, it may have the gravest significance, as its existence often shows increased tension of the eyeball. The cleaned, dried, and powdered thyroid glands of the sheep ( Oris aries), freeC The thyroid gland is a very vascular organ, situated in front of, and on either side of, the trachea or upper windpipe.

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