Contact: Administrator, Bowdle Hospital, Bowdle, South Dakota ASSOCIATES WANTED: Cincinnati based professional corporation seeks full or part-time associates. Yet, instead of tryinir to get up some laboriously refined or emasculated preparation of them, we simply give them in doses very much smaller than those found experimentally to be dangerous, being careful not to push them too loflg, and meanwhile watching carefully the results. These symptoms taken together point to some interference with the normal functions of the spinal cord in the lower dorsal and lumbar regions, and are probably due to pressure caused by an exudation within the spinal membranes.

I gave another hypodermic of morphine, a quarter of a grain, and then began the administration of chloroform. Augusta: The Transactions of the Society of AnfEsthetists. In Altenburg two infected sub-officers of the field-army and two Frenchmen, likewise suffering from the disease, were committed to the reserve-lazaret, and shortly afterwards a small epidemic broke out in the garrison. John Blair Gibbs, as the only medical officer killed during the war.

The only item of considerable size is that COMMERCE WITH CUBA AND PORTO RICO.

The toxic condition in typhoid was often Itoyond control, but there was in tlic intestine a fliminislif'd physiological action, and under those conditions the intestine was liable to nil sorts of dangers, and food which might be very suitable if the intestine was capable of absorbing it, was rather an irritative than a nutritive element. While in the Hale case tiie supreme court expressed its approval of Iho instruction given, and affirmed the judgment without any comments upon the A case apparently in conflict with the Hale case comes from Iilmrle Island; the Rhode Island case is, however, based upon a statute providing that the unqualified practitioner shall not practise medicine or surgery" for rfwnrd or compeii.'jation." Under such a statute tlie ii)slruetion that"if the jury find that the dofendiint n-eeivi'd no reward or compensation for his servicer, they muHt find for the defendant," is jiroper, and the court would commit an error if he refused to give In view, iiowever, of the stattitc existing in Rhode In the case of rteiiliam vs. Arrangements were made to send patient to the country under the auspices of an association for the relief of working girls, the subjects of tubercular troubles. Pellicano, Vice-Chairman Niagara Thomas F. Mackenzie says that in nearly all the instances of so-called" simple inflammation" the disease is due to blood-poisoning, and that he has met with the affection among hospital physicians, medical students, and nurses, and in cases where defective drainage seemed to be its cause. A shadow which appeared to be a partial outline of the left kidney was visualized, its lower pole also in the vicinity of the crest of the ilium. Address manuscripts to Editor, New York Preparation of Manuscript: Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced with adequate margins. His qualifications are based on knowledge and experience, his will to serve the doctor, his ability to handle not only the routine problems of after-service for your patients, hut also the When you write a prescription, above all you expect to have that Rx properly filled so the patient obtains the full benefit of your professional services.

There was, of course, much opposition to all forms of tobacco using; and the first important book against GERIATRICS (Care of the aging) A private hospital especially planned for the medical care and rehabilitation of the CHRONICALLY ILL, the AGED, and the HANDICAPPED.

In the city itself the disease was confined chiefly to the narrow streets of the Altstadt. A strong wind is not injurious per se.

Then, the amount of ingredient is added to this figure to determine the standard fill. In the illustration the fleece already cut has been pulled away in order that the table might be shown, but the proper course is to leave all the fleece upon the table until the goat is liberated, and then Mr. It has imferon meets the need for a safe, effective agent when parenteral iron is preferable for patients with iron deficiency anemia who are resistant or intolerant to oral iron, those with depleted iron reserves and those who require Previous parenteral iron preparations were unsatisfactory because of toxicity, pain on injection, or because they contained insufficient per cent elemental iron. A Laboratory Text-booh of Pathology for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. Is such infection due to the invasion of a specific bacterium, or to the cooperation of two or more different species? The question is not yet settled; but the majority of observations point toward the ubiquitous Bacterium coli commune as playing the main part in the infection. The perineal wound healed promptly after the tube had been removed. Cole detailed a case of ascites, in which he had performed the Dr.

Hamilton Stillson, of Seattle, Washington; The Treatment of Diseases of the Lacrymal Duet by Cataphoresis, with of Ijafayette, Indiana; Further Observations concerning the Chock Ligament, by Dr.

Hallucinations and becoming agitated and assaultive. The skin ridges of the newborn are not reliable. Emotionally-charged controversy about the relationship between vitamin E and sterility.

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