A large number contained the most varied and filthy mass, and I only need to mention some of the Eight contained human faecal matter and urine. It has been shown that optic neuritis, of intracranial origin, is due to an extension of inflammation to the sheaths of the optic nerves from inflamed pia mater; and that in these cases, therefore, optic neuritis is pathognomonic of basal meningitis. A condition in which there are itching sensations of the hairy parts of the body. To take daily three pills, each containing gT.j.

The gas which is to make the dough light begins to escape from the soda when it comes in contact with an acid liquid.

Cases including urethritis, cystitis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis, orchitis, pelvic inflammation, acute gonococcal urethritis, lymphogranuloma venereum.) You can count on TAO. If there are no marks of external violence, the stomach should be carefully examined for poison; in the absence of all external and internal injuries, medical evidence will avail f under the circumstances above stated, would present scarcely any appearances upon which a medical opinion could be securely based. Again, the presence of local palsies, such as ptosis, hemiplegia, or aphasia, may lead one to suspect a syphilitic meningeal or vascular condition, rather than a purely degenerative process in the cerebral cortex. It is a mistaken impression that a fracture must be set immediately. Diseases of the Organs of Digestion: Sleep and Dreams; two lectures at the Bristol Institution.

The hair should be worn by physicians and attendants while in the room. The treatment to be given to the parts of the body whose function may have been impaired by the cerebral lesion; with the object of restoring their function as far as possible, and of preventing the contractures and after-deformities which, as experience shows, are wont to arise. In some respects it possessed advantages over the other two agents.

Druitt, lue found in the urine of pregnant females. Though bright and intelligent at the outset there are few patients in whom there is not some mental affection, though in the majority it is fortunately slight. Intermarriage of Kindred: consanguineous marriages not forbidden by moral or physiological law; evils of connubial alliances between persons of diverse race. The patient instituted an action in the District Court of Bonneville County, Idaho, against the physician to recover damages for malpractice. The rest of our monies are accounted for by various miscellaneous expenses. Every technieian should recheck points on this curve frequently. An immediate removal to pure air, and the application of stimulants, with cold affusion, may, however, suffice to restore life. Ammonia water will perform this action satisfactorily, since the harmless soluble salt, ammonium chloride, is formed; hypo-sulphite of soda is also effective. (Publislied with the volumes of the' Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science.') Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, containing its National Association of G-enebal Practitioners in Medicine, Catalogue and Eeport of Obstetrical and other Instruments exhibited at the Conversazione of the Obstetrical Society of Ophthalmic Hospital, Journal of. In spite of care on the part of the operator, this vapour is liable to destroy life in an unexpected manner, and the patient may die either before the operation is commenced or during its performance. On the efficacy of the oil of diseased uterus, curious conformation of the CESophagus in a child, specimens of morbid affections of the Medical profession, Dr.L. Fortunately for diagnosis, cases of this sort are extremely rare. In regard to defects in organization, it may be remarked that they almost invariably occur in or about some part of the median line; and they appear to proceed from a mere arrest of growth or development in these particular parts, either on one side or both, during the early stage of uterine existence. He was found dead, and the cause of death was Dviously asphyxia; an ear of corn was found fixed in the air-passages. With the addition of a few fancy molds, all the foods illustrated in this book could be prepared by the utensils here mentioned. Division of the ischial passage between the third ventricle and the infundibulum. The presence of sugar in the blood.

The body was much emaciated, an so light that it weighed only fifty pounds; there was no fat. De Ee Medica sive morborum curationibus; item Gr.


The second indication is to relieve the symptoms by the various palliative measures (other than trephining) which have been enumerated above, while the curative drug treatment is being employed. Treated for a month with a grain of hydrargyrum cum creta thrice a day and daily inunction of a drachm of unguentum hydrargyri) we found thin recent lymph at the posterior base, closinrj the cerehro-spinal foramen, but not filling the posterior subarachnoid space.