States that have previously adopted this type of legislation report little or no problems. Histologic examination of tissue from the face lesion showed the condition to be very typical cutaneous blastomycosis. My Favourite anaesthetic was a mixture of three parts pure sther and one part chloroform, and only once had I to resort to artificial respiration and pituitriu.

This disparity is caused partly by physician workforce demand.

Of the Flexors, which arifes from about the into the fuperior and anterior Ecphyfls of the yina. The inoximal end of the duct was brought down to the duodoiuim and anastomosed to a valvular opening in the wall of the viscus. Kelly, MD, Lexington Daniel E. In addition to the above precautions, which are of considerable importance if the resulting figures are to establish really normal values, care was taken, as will be evident at a glance from the table, to have substantially the same number of observations in each of the various age groups, and still further to have approximately the same number for each sex. This high mortality was to be attributed to the congested conditions and polluted atmosphere of the large towns.

It is possible, however, that as a result of further experience this statement will be modified, as it is not Unlikely that some strains of the organism will be found more amenable to treatment than others, a matter to be borne in mind. He had some sensation of touch, temperature, and pain in the arms and hands, though this was less. Morton Mackenzie, on behalf of the Organization Committee, whose work brings it into this informal opportunity for personal intercourse betwcr i the representatives from abroad and the officers and official, at home. Our present knowledge, then, of the essential nature of inflammation is comprised Id the statement that it is a morbid deviation from those conditions oT health which relate to the capillary circulation and nutrition of the part affected. The explanation for such recoveries is to be found in the fact that the collateral circulation in the spinal cord and the anastomoses of the spinal blood vessels are very complete, and we must believe, therefore, that the circulation is resumed in the vessels which have originally been obstructed by the presence of air within them. As we progress through our years of training, specialization, and practice, I believe we become so entangled in our daily routines and so intent on our own subspecialty that we cannot see the say. The larynx consists of four cartilages and three fibro-cartilages. The unctuous, farinaceous taste, accompanied with a slight bitterness.

Following: Mix and apply one-third to one-half of this amount, according to the sue of lump, rub in well and grease in three days; between two and three week, after, wash off the lump with soap and water and blister again, greasing in three days after. It may proceed from valvular lesifcs which mn to be presently considered. When one sheep is affected in a flock it:ioon spreads and affects them all. In the following number of Brain Nothnagel contributes an important paper on diseases of the corpora quadrigemina, and concludes that there are grounds for localizing a tumor in that position, if unsteady reeling gait is an early symptom, and if it is associated with ophthalmoplegia existing in both eyes, but not quite symmetrically nor implicating all the muscles in equal degree. Captaiu Elliot, replying on tlie discussion, said the actual fact was that infantile mortality was much lower now than in pre-war years.

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