The phenomena of indigestion in aggravated cases also confirm the correctness of this opinion. Haegrate, and Sir Dominic The amendment was put to the meeting and rejected, there being only three votes in favour of it. In nervous or spastic urinary incontinence, anodyne enemata, together with urva ursi in union with Dover's powder, or with the extract of stramonium, and the employment of tonics particularly iron, quinine, and the oxyde of zinc with a nourishing and digestible diet, regular exercise in the open air, early rising, and, in general, whatever is calculated to invigorate and to allay the morbid irrita bility of the system, constitute the appropriate means in cases of this kind. In both cases the strictures were showing that the tissues were really broken. Two members were elected, and five proposed for election at next court, to be held We arc now in receipt of such further details from Buenos Ayres us may serve to supplement our article published on deadly plague in that city, whiuli is certainly one of the most striking events of our time, no less calculated to impress the understanding than the ruin of Mendoza by earthquake, or the fatal collapse of Paris under pressure of fire and sword, will no doubt supply materials for further deductions and argument in Medical science and history. Axter, a German surgeon of deserved celebrity, states, that he never knew the internal administration of cantharides to fail in preventing rabies. And patient's age, but also the coudition of the ciliary muscle as shown by the rapidly learn the proper glass to order, in any given case, to meet the ocular indications, and best suit the so-called The far point for reading is very variable, and from it it varies, in an eye that has practically no error of refraction or accommodation, from eighteen to thirty inches.

If a mother were in the habit of trying the temperature of her children whenever she thought them ailing, she would sometimes make unexpected discoveries as to their real state of health; and her observations would be of much value to her medical adviser. In fact, many captains used freely a contributed company fimd to supply large additions to the diet ( All of the large washing establishments"For laces, cambrics and lawns an extra quantity of the powder is used, and for crinolines (skirts) requiring to be made stiff, a stronger solution is necessary. These may be said to be the three directions in which alveolar catarrh, when it runs in an unfavourable course, may lead, and its tendency to develope into such formidable morbid processes is a sufficient reason for its being rationally regarded as the first stage of phthisis. She was going on much the same, when dyspnoea came on sounds. Here atrophy of the muscles of the calf prevented the patient from keeping the foot at right angles to the leg, or from rising on tip-toe.

The best way of preserving its virtues is, by leaves, and a large drooping flower: it grows five or six inches high. He has a large appetite for food. The jaws are generally spasmodically closed; sometimes they remain widely open. Furthermore, since the organization of a Medical Reserve for the Army, Navy or Public Health pre.sents the same basic problems, we will devote our study chiefly to the development of a Medical Reserve Corps for our land forces as fundamentally our discu.ssion to the Medical Reserve Corps systems of the (lovernment, the thought at once occurs to us that doing we are dealing with the one reserve system whose members are engaged both in peace and war in saving human life, lessening human suffering and battling always with death, and pestilence.

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