Method for counting the blood corpuscles.

Dr Groom then read his report of the maternity for MONTHLY REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF THERAPEUTICS. The addition of a little acetic acid to a solution of cosin increases its addition of an alkali to a hasic stain does the same as far as the hasophilic granules are concerned. REPORT OF THE REFERENCE COMMITTEE ON CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS The Committee recommends the amendment of the Committee also recommends the amendment adding a It is believed at this time that it is not desirable to create a section within the Missouri State Medical Association on obstetrics as there is a Committee on Maternal Welfare which has the privilege of participating in the Annual Sessions as evidenced by the excellence of Upon motion, duly seconded, the two amendments Upon motion, duly seconded, the recommendation of the Committee that the resolution from the Committee on Maternal Welfare be tabled, was passed.

Because of temperature remained normal after the second day of treatment. If offered as a Textbook, this book would be criticized as covering too many subjects too skimpily; as a manual, however, it fulfills its purpose eminently well. The inflamed area should be first adequatelv cleansed with soap and water, then a four-percent solution of cocaine, or if preferred the Schleich solution, will cause little discomfort.


Decidedly of the opinion that notwithstanding the excellent results obtained by the x-rays and Finsen's light method in lupus vulgaris there is room for the continued use of excision, scarification, scraping, and caustics in appropriate cases. Wochenschrift, we shall a priori deny the simultaneous occurrence of scarlet fever and varicella." The bacteriological experiments fur Kinderheilkunde, vol. The patient returned Kahn negative; urine, normal; and a blood pressure was essentially normal except for his previous operative scars and marked tenderness in the right epigastrium. Baltimore, Maryland Summers spent in cardiology at University Hospital; worked in Bethlehem Steel Clinic; freshman and sophomore veep; Summers spent in medical clinic at University Hospital; Summers spent doing research at National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute; published research papers; DAVID MARSHALL LANPHEAR, M.D. The surgery of the stomach has made such rapid progress a great contrast v-'ith the results of the same operation in tlie the Hunterian Lectures on the Surgery of the Stomach.

McChesneyi publishes a case where he tried a someM'hat novel method of skin grafting. In the early stages fat necrosis is generally absent, but usually appears later. The inhalation of the vapors disengaged by the cologne should be deep enough for an intense, disagreeable, and painful, but not persistent, smarting to be felt either in the nasal passages or in the back part of the throat. Information concerning the former is to be obtained by anatomical investigation, by the results of experimentation, and by the observation of pathological changes. He is not unfit for considerable exertion, and says, were he free from ague, he would be quite well. Notwithstanding the presence of comma bacilli in the intestine, cultivation hy plate methods may yield negative results for several days. Resorcin in the treatment of whooping-cough is recommended Toulouse.

It is well known that children stand larger doses of sulfa than adults and with fewer complications such as blocking of the kidney.

Custom has, however, in a great measure, fixed his compensation, and it is doubtful if the average citizen is able to pay more for his services than he is now doing. Of Cases Per Cent Per Cent sary to remove additional structures in almost one classified as palliative resections due to distant spread which precluded hope of cure. Assistant Physician to the Skin Department: M'-d cal Officer in cliarge of the Electricid Bacteriologist to the Hospital: Dr. The author remarks that if two malignant tumours of different structure can develop at the same time in the same organism, there is no a priori reason why two tumours of the same structure should not develop independently of one another.

The various visceral tracts of the specimens can be painted in different shades of color for contrast and photographed. From a London letter to the American Practitioner we quote the following paragraph that has an interesting account of the alleged antidotal influence of tobacco against this form of" With regard to an outbreak of cholera at the Greenwich Workhouse, it is said that it is very noticeable that male inmates who bad been great smokers or who had been in the habit of chewing tobacco had passed unscathed through the epidemic.

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