At the same time the remainder of the cartilage can be extracted by forcibly flexing the knee, rotating the leg outward, and separating the internal condyle from the tibia. The Committee was divided into two sub-committees, to examine the literature of disinfectants, and abstract and tabulate the results, and to investigate in an exact manner in the laboratory the relative germicidal value of the various substances used as disinfectants.


The usual enlargement of the right lobe narrows or even temporarily obliterates, in some cases, the angle of the pleural space which greatly facilitates the operation. Such evidence could be furnished by employment.westernhealth.nl.ca extensive statistics only, for which this seems not to be the proper place. C., and detailed as Acting proceed to Baltimore, Md., and assume temporary charge, Dec Peckham, C. Under the influence of the bath regime alone the most gratifying results are seen. At the time of observatior Bardinet's' cases in Drive, France, were fresh in my mind, and I suspected the midwife to be the cause of infection. Weir Mitchell, and afterward commented upon by one other practitioner. Don't fail to determine the presentation- by the seventh nonth. In view of the efficiency and cheapness of the hypochlorites, I have requested Dr. "We have investigated and atypical and can not be recognized except by laboratory methods. Speaking from our personal, and we admit rather unconventional, standpomt, we think any draft appreciable to the senses is a salutary thing, and a drafty hall or theater or church is our idea of a safe place to sit. " The idea of a connection existing between the movement and the life of the protoplasm is essentially based upon these facts: first, that the cells in which it occurs are living cells; and, secondly, that the changes in the phenomena of life induce, westernhealth.nl.ca/careers or are followed, by the changes in the motion of the granules. The pathogenic agent of Oriental sore, Oriental boil, Aleppo boil, Biskra button, Delhi sore,"Fly bite,""Bess el temeur," etc., is morphologically indistinguishable from the Leishman-Donovan bodies found in fatal kala-azar and named by Eoss,"Leishmania donovani;" yet there are certain biologic differences between the parasites of kala-azar and Oriental sore, in that infections by the so-called Leishmania tropicum are limited to the skin, particularly those parts exposed to sunlight; even in its insect host, the mosquito or the fiy, it has the necessary light by translucence, whereas the Ijeishmania donovani of kala-azar requires darkness. In a letter dated November ist (seven months after operation) she writes that she has continued to gain flesh, and is strong and well in Case II. Caryocinetic figures at all stages, and degenerating cells are very abundant, decidedly more so than in the corresponding growth in the tube, thus showing microscopically what has been taught clinically, that carcinoma of the ovary is the more rapidly growing tumor. It moves with the involution of age from the interscapular space downM-ard. The motto of this latter institution should be to give to the student the best possible training without figuring the cost. Hut, gentlemen, as the clinician recognizes a general type of chest which is prima facie suggestive of tuberculosis, so I think it possible for us to do the.same.

Arthur Whitfield said that he did not agree with Dr. Some years subsequently she gave birth to a child after tedious labor. In this country, however, the recognition of the tubercular nature of many surgical affections has been extremely slow. L There is no doubt that any personal article, utensil, I book, toy, or other object which may conceivably be con f taminated by saliva deposited from the lips or the fingers should be burned or otherwise disinfected at the end of a contagious illness. The water thus combined cannot again be eliminated as such, m hy high temperatures the salts are decomposed without liberation of water.

It may be either hereditary, or produced by causes independent of progenitive agency.

I told them this was because they were not doing things properly and I hope that when this is over you ll give"Right now," he said,"what you need is a the people in the legislature." Morris: Clem Whitaker said this? Cline: This immediate thing.

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