Thonsh It liw no cITfct nftor it Ims boon well ait in that of animals. Our disciples must come to us not only for mental furniture, not only to learn a gainful craft, but to breathe here the spirit of disinterested knowledge and of wide humanity. There is, in short, in his whole manner weakening of mind, not unlike senile dementia, and this occurring in a vigorous Sometimes in the early stages, he is dull, sulky, less frequently depressed and melancholic, but careless of all, save the idea of the moment. During nine months, that there has been" not only a great increase in the total number of patients, but a more than proportionate increase give him great credit for his kind and SCIENCE IN EGYPT. Tin: Sick Poor and I'rivate Nursing Association of (ilasgow is now to be known under the above title, in memory of Mrs. By the term ne;ilected, I would infer its too unfrequent use by some men in ordinary diseases. Legitimate - hyndman exhibited the following cases: I. Cultures inoculated on the seventh day from the unhealed part remained sterile. The stricture was remarkably small: it was divided upwards, and inclining rather outwards. This statement, which has also been is in itself an acknowledgment that re covery has not always followed reaction; and I shall now state some of the difficulties with which, in the less favourable cases, the practitioner will have to contend, and the reflections to which these cases have given rise, it being distinctly understood that I rely upon the cold water alone in all cases as the agent by which reaction is to be established, and in the more favourable cases as the sole agent by vvliich convalescence is ultimately established. With eyes undimnied and fjiir unwrinkled brow, Through halls of death, through palaces of pain That cast their shadows on the turbid Seine. Cut off the blood supply, and even though no other injury be done to the limb, death will speedily occur. Fungus, common in France, but rare in England and the United States; it occurs in two forms; T: is.

For the prevention of coryza the writer recommends the cold shower bath, which should at first be taken at a temperature of the patient, immediately upon rising in the morning or succeeding the warm bath. Carbolic acid is useful only in large amounts and in strong solution if a rapid action is desired. Morgan that nerve-stretching would be of service; accordingly his colleague, Mr. At the time of our last issue it was supposed tlat a safe vacancy was created in the Senate by the election of Mr.

-But any danger of infection from tlie atmosphere has been provided for Ijy filling the wounds with perchloride of mercury lotion, wounds, discharged from an irrigator. Throughout the greater part of its course the wall of the aneurism is comparatively thin, and to the appearance docs not much exceed the ordinary thickness of the external coat. 'This will not only add to our own personal esteem as having succeeded where another medical man has failed, but such routine rare iii diagnosis will place the general medical man on a higher level than ever MEMORIALS TO DR. The real cause of so many cases of colica pictonum was for a long time pertinaciously denied by those who manufactured rum or cider carelesslj', or who fraudulently made use of sugar of lead for the purpose of sweetening subacid liquors. Moreover, with the increase of popular knowledge regarding and preventive medicine, the need For medical profession has numerous advantages to offer to those properly qualified. Or uinia othvr ruurbtd growth, olvUft willi tbv PrcK'nniit (promo). Pulse at the wrist soft and small; tongue white on its He declared that he had felt no pain in the epigastrium, and was not aware of any swelling there till within the last fortnight; but that for several months he had been subject to aching and uneasiness in the back and in the lower part of the belly, and that he then suffered in the same parts, as well as in the situation of the tumor, a constant gnawing pain, which was occasionally much swelliifi'g had rapidly enlarged since he first He did not recollect any strain or injury, and knew of no circumstance which might account for the appearance of the tumor.

A potion composed of powdered Atma-guptdseeds and Yashti-madhu mixed with a copious quantity of rice-washing and with honey as well as gruels be administered (legit). I have heart if he had not excited the emotional, and indeed the intellectual, side of the scliool mistresses' brains by rellecting on tlie quantity of tin ir brains as compared with those of suggested by Sir James Cricliton-Browne's address on" Sex in Kducation," and his letter in the Bhitisii MnnicAi, quote from Hie latter," Not all the medical women in the world will convince me that girls at the age of puberty can engage in mental Labour for eight or nine hours a day, and men will agree witli him in this.


She was about twenty -nine years of age; bad been pregnant six or seven times, code but had only given birth to two living children. I), cold towel rub each part before proceeding to the next.