If a simple linear fracture be discovered, and there be no symptoms pointing to a complication, the wound may be closed. He says," Patients deprived of their morphia in asylums are not thereby cured of the craving. Those who have not adopted this plan will, I am sure, find it worthy of a trial. Hence has arisen much of the bitter dispute, the discordancy, and discrepancy of opinion, concerning the contagiousness of these disorders; so that we may safely apply to these disputants, what was said to the Montagues With respect to scarlatina, I have known it prevail so continually in certain districts as to deserve the title of endemic; and of one thing I am now convinced, that its nature is frequently changed by local circumstances. 'THE REVERSE OF THE MEDALLION:" Reading the"field notes" and"practice notes" on caLx iodata, they certainly impress one with the idea of"medicine as an exact science." It seems also to appear that the glory begins with a case of croup, and we almost wish to see a little wheezing sufferer because we know we can so soon relieve him,"astonish the natives" by our wonderful skill and go home with a reputation as the"infallible croup doctor" (a reputation indeed to be envied!). Pratt, and also supported in the trial by an eclectic importation from Missouri, finally succeeded of writing death certificates; the present health officer complains of the same difficulty as did his predecessor. I am, sir, agricultural labourer, rather stout made, applied to be relieved from ascarides, the morning.

Ordered the bowels to be kept open by laxatives, with spare diet for some days. In pustular eczema, the use of a solution containing one or two drachms to the pint of water, applied with old muslin, will very frequently lessen the discharge and heal the surface. If the disease has reached a stage where cure is not to be hoped for, far better than amputation is thorough curettage and burning with Paquelin cautery. We assume that the resistance in a wire increases with the length of the wire; so that if we introduce a certain length of wire into a circuit, we diminish the current strength more than if we introduced a shorter wire of the same material and thickness. Cumulative effects of the drug may develop in patients with impaired Thiazides should be used with caution in patients with impaired hepatic function or progressive liver disease, since minor alterations of fluid and electrolyte balance may precipitate hepatic coma. The reason that the massage treatment has not been received with more favour here seems to be mainly due to the traditional belief in the necessity for complete rest and immobility in the affected limb, which does not at first sight appear consistent with the employment of massage. She Munster-square, The deceased was my son. We are giving the woman iron and quinine, with opium at night, and Uncertainties in the Practice of Medicine. His conclusions are different from those of many of our religious leaders, but they must appeal to the better judgment of the fair-minded man. There is no hemorrhage or bleeding from underlying tissue when membrane is separated. We shall then find the breathing labored and noisy, the inspirations slow, labored and shallow; the lower ribs and The earth gives me its generous sap, but heaven The nearer I approach the end the plainer I hear sternum being strongly retracted.


Ill, M D, D A B O G Haltuit Moore, M.D, D A BP. You will see that my first object is to ascertain the exact condition of the limb; whether there is anything abnormal about it, either with regard to the nails or the joints; whether its general development is good or indifferent; whether the skin is harsh or soft, dry or moist; whether it sets firmly upon the muscles, or whether it is relaxed and easily drawn out. This peculiarity gives rise to a general error. There is but little danger, it is conceived, that these remarks will lead to an unjustifiable use of artificial means in laborious and show, what has been principally aimed at, that in midwiieiy, as in general medicine, exclusive methods are far less valuable in practice, than well founded principles; and that he who submits himself or his patients exclusively to them, will fail to advance tne science of his profession and in some cases expose those who confide in him, to unnecessary suffering, if The remaining subject to be noticed regards the method recoinmeiided by Baudelocque and his followers, and that by Saxtoiph, Lobsiein and others, of applying the forceps. That portion of the left middle lobe of the cerebrum which lay upon the cavernous sinus was adherent to the dura mater to the extent of about a quarter of an inch, and being torn away shewed a reddish fungous growth partly upon the arachnoid of the brain, and the remainder still upon the dura mater, with a swelling of the third nerve on this side, of a reddish colour, and situated at the point where the nerve pierced the dura mater. Venous dilatation leads to venous pooling and a fall in right and left ventricular filling pressure, thus reducing preload.

A solution of green sulphate of iron was and the oxide of iron was rcdissolved by diluted muriatic acid.

M D, D A B P., E A A P, P E Luetke, Jr. After very effectually killing oft' the old School, by premising faint"We therefore suggest that the Medical Society of Virginia respectfully urge upon the legislature, through the medium of a committee, the propriety of founding in the city of Richmond a National (State) Medical School, under the control of and directors of the Literary fund shall appoint a member of that board. Another thing accomplished at San Francisco, which is especially pleasing to the members of the profession in the southern part of the Staite, wasi the ias vicopresidlent.

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