THE ELECTRIC TREATMENT OF METRITIS WITH (A Clinical Lecture delivered to Students at the Howard Hospital, Philadelphia.) It is to be regretted that recent changes in the clinic hours of this hospital have caused a lessening of the richness of the material at our disposal, particularly as but few institutions in this country are so well arranged for a thorough test of the value of electricity in gynecology, but I can show you to day the results in one case and the method of application in another, both cases being' types of very common disorders. Enfin tout recemmeni banale, a souvent rencontre une reaction iymphocytaire du liquide Voici notre observation, telle qu'elle a ete prise par M. Under the skin the extensor tendons form a broad aponeurotic sheet into which the extensor into the last phalanx. The quality of the food may also be concerned. The number of visits to providers of unconventional therapy exceeded the combined ambulatory visits to family physicians, of Alternative Therapies", appeared in the SOUTH DAKOTA JOURNAL OF MEDICINE? These authors effectively made the point that the basic ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence can be construed to encourage physicians to be knowledgeable about alternative therapies that their patients are employing, and to understand the potential benefits and burdens of such therapies. It could not do so, to any considerable extent, without destructively disorganizing the part applied abundantly, it may first exiiaust the vital forces by the excess of vital reaction it excites; and the chemical affinities may then triumph, with the effect of destroying the life of the part. California is filled with unhappy people of this kind who have moved there from the Middle West.

That an ledema of granulation tissue may occur is well known; resolution ( Ultimately, this proved to be successful, An issue which is of great concern to many is the certification requirement now placed on the front of all Medicare patient charts. Paul Mercury Indemnity Company permits settlement of cases out of court without the consent of the insured. Let me therefore call your special attention to those four salient regions of work, with close application in the laboratory, recitation, clinic and to manual training, your year will be full of good results. When general hospitals recognize this problem and take steps to meet it, they can live up to their name of really REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE FOR THE The committee discussed the present state of medical practice and the present relations between the medical profession and the public. Faboratory testing disclosed normal hemogram, BUN, creatinine and electrolytes.


It is this sixth sense which distinguishes the better investigators from the rest of us. Such an" expectant treatment," as it has been absurdly termed, seems to have been first tried by Lebert, who years later Sir William Gull and Dr Sutton, in the' Guy's Hospital Reports' From these observations it is clearly apparent that acute rheumatism is altogether unlike those among the specific fevers which have a fixed or definite duration. In tubercular leprosy the nodular masses may develop in the fingers and hand, though this member does not usually severely in this respect as other parts of the body; the nodules about the lingers may break down and ulcerate.

D., The prevalence of Journal of cutaneous and genito-ui'inary The first Egyptian Medical Congress. The following news releases for daily newspapers Auxiliary were submitted to the bureau by the executive secretary, and approved. This peritoneal cuff is pushed down, a fine silk ligature applied, and the appendix is cutaway at a safe distance from the ligature. This in fact constitutes the one chemical test for pus, a test which in this country is commonly associated with the name of Dr Babiugton, though Leube attributes it to Donne. On testing his urine I found that it contained very much less bile pigment than before. Deep down on the bleeding point, then another against the first, and so on until siiflicient pre.ssure is obtained. Bernart is retiring from his activities at Northampton-Accomack Memorial Hospital shoe fell two and a half years ago when Dr. No longer will the members of graduating classes line up arrayed in full dress, Prince Alberts, cut-a-ways, sacks, and representing various cuts of each, but instead, there will now exist a dignified gown that can but have a tendency to cause all to experience a more common feeling, and, as far as dress is concerned, place all on the same plane. Absorption of decomposition and fermentation products developed ill the alimentary canal, or the rcabsorption of large majority of instances in which headache is coniIilaineilof. More recently Dr Goodhart exhibited some specimens to the same that they were solid. Although the lesion is often regarded as of purely rheumatic origin, it is remarkable how often a history of acute rheumatism is absent.

Envahit d'abord Tespace epidural, constituant ainsi une veritable gomme tuberculeuse epidurale. By this courageous decision he gave the medical profession a most valuable treatment for this common and dangerous disease, and it is still the best available hundred cases of acute phlebitis of the legs without a single case of embolism.

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