He doubted the correctness of the history, which put back the onset of this Dr. She also had a hoarse, croupy cough, implying the involvement of the larynx, as well. As to the argument that States neglected to made regulations, it proved that they supposed them sui)erfluous. The case has now taken on the appearance of typical typhoid fever. Not all cases of Addison's disease were due to tuberculosis of the suprarenal glands. If the dose be too large respiration becomes quickened and labored, blood pressure greatly lessened, and the arterial tension greatly relaxed. Nine hours sleep, is not too much after a night's singing or speaking on the stage.

And believed that he was in infectious disease. Here the Eatient lying supine has the knees flexed, and the legs anging vertically over the end of the padded table on which he lies, and exercises the extensors by slowly extending one knee, when too weak the foot is supported. The work opens with an interesting chapter upon Typhoid Fever, in which the history is charmingly presented. The distribution in particular might be compared with that emphasised by Duhring as specially and thighs."" The irregularity in size and form of the vesicles,"" their firm, tense walls,"" their herpetic character," and the considerable pruritus, singled out for special mention in that paper, were conspicuous here. The fistulous opening closed rapidly and at the end of the fifth day, the catheter producing some versical irritation was removed. Upon my first visit, I had diagnosed from the condition of the foetal cord, which was jammed in the presentation, the death of the foetus, which was confirmed by all of us in a subsequent auscultation of the heart; no pulsation being audible. This means that, for anything we know to the contrary, even very susceptible people may swallow or breathe with impunity any and every sort of contagious disease germs, if only a change of. Personally, I have seen a cavernous growth of the nasal cavity extend into the orbit.

Pampered and praised, even though the entire household becomes subordinated to his sovereign will, he is not satis-, Jescence and early manhood. Listei'Iwas present at the removal of a number of dressings from patients who had been operative upon, full" listerism" being observed, where before the operation the discharge was puSy and in every case, though six to ten days after operation the character of the discharges was serous. It is not claimed that fractured skulls are contagious, although there is a very evident diseased condition perceptible in the skull, and this condition was brought about by a diseased condition of the house and of the tree. Y.) Board of Health has sent out circulars similar to those issued by the New York Board, cautioning the public against the practice of expectorating in public places, and containing suggestions for A freak bill is before the Colorado Senate, that guarantees to every citizen the right to select as medical attendant any person he chooses, and permits him to pay the man of his choice. As everyone knows, it is a matter of easy accomplishment to ascertain by means of an X-ray examination whether any particle of metal be present in the body or not, but a much more difficult matter to ascertain the exact size, shape, and position of such a particle. These symptoms in connection with a persistent high temperature usually point to scarlet fever, and yet we dare not say scarlet fever in a first case, during "" the first twenty-four hours, or until the eruption makes its appearance. "Landouz" found only one person in fifteen aft'ected by varicocele who had also varicose veins of the legs, and of twenty other persons who had varicose veins of the legs, not one had varicocele, neither was he able to trace any connection between varicocele and haemorrhoids. For six a close student and indefatigable in her efforts to succeed. The amateur mieroscopist: or views of the microscopic world. But practically equivalent to experiments on animals are various observations of disturbances in the eyes or lids following experimental irritation or irritant treatment of the nose in jiatients. The screen has a thin piece of lead glass in apposition with its fluorescent surface. The lime salts of thin sections offer greater resistance to the rays, and show darker in the shadowgraph than do the thicker sections which are composed of uric acid and urates entirely. In some areas the individual lesions were extremely like lichen examination of the histological specimens he thought that the cells which had given rise to so much discussion were endothelial cells, and that the specimens resembled tlie endothelial type of tubercle. The effort was due to the principle in the food which acted upon the curd, and albuminoids, and brought the cow's milk into a harmonious relationship with human milk.

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