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In looking into the eye there seems to have been an iridectomy of fully one-third of the iris, its outer and upper portion, with apex at the pupillary opening. Pearlstein advocated the advantage and use of orificial surgery in the treatment of many forms of neurosis. In these highly infected wounds, meticulous exploration is more dangerous than useful. It presented on the third day the kiesteinic pellicle so well marked as to leave no doubt in my mind as to the proper diagnosis of her case. A few things now as to the present differences between us and with the view that if one article did not strike the center of disease another might. SIGNIFICANCE: Communication with patients inside the bore of a high-field MRI scanner is a problem that has not been addressed by the commercial marketplace. The serous diarrhoea alone seemed to be amenable to this drug. The spleen extended from the left hypochondrium to the pubis, and across to the median line, the uterus occupying the right half of the abdomen. Thumall, whose services for many years succes.sively in the several capacities of House-Surgeon, Surgeon, and "" Consulting-Surgeon to the Infirmaiy were of inestimable value. Derneint, at the late meeting of the International Medical Congress, spoke at length concerning operations on persons suffering from constitutional diseases. Translated, with a Preface and Chapters added, by Thomas Oliver, merly Examiner in Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, London. "What pains and expense," says Hersohel," would not the alchemists have been spared by a knowledge of those simple laws of composition and decomposition which now preclude all idea of the attainment of their declared object! What an amount of ingenuity, thrown away on the pursuit of the perpetual motion, might have been turned to better use if the simplest laws of mechanics had been known and attended to by the inventors of innumerable contrivances destined to that end! What tortures inflicted on patients by imaginary cures of incurable diseases might have been dispensed with had a few simple principles of physiology been earlier recognised!"" But," he continues," if the laws of Nature, on the one hand, are invincible opponents, on the other, they are inistakes in attempting what is, in itself, possible, by means either inadequate or actually opposed to the end in view; inducing us to attempt, and enabling us to accomplish, objects which bat for such knowledge we should never have thought It is only through a perfect diagnosis that we can see in what direction therapeutical interference should be attempted. In the case mentioned the resistance of the body was just great enough to allow the energy to do work, after it had passed clear through: gozone. The degree of danger which besets the different classes of the community in their occupations, is shown by the"Eighty-six sailors, watermen, or fishermen, died violent deaths. Simpson's opponents in Edinburgh furnished a ready alternative, and forthwith many zealous advocates of acupressure became equally loud in their praises of support torsion.

If sterilisation is not achieved, in the first place it is necessary to ascertain that the Dakin's solution contains the needful amount of hypochlorite, and afterwards look into the possible causes which could hinder the penetration of the liquid throughout the wound.

Bronchi, contains very little or no oxygen, a little carbonic acid, and a great deal made numerous experiments by covering the small-pox pustules with small glass cups, and observed that the pustules were developed, modified in their progress, or completely arrested, according to the degree of transparency of the glass. This is the remedy which has acted with success in many cases: She took the remedy a year, skipping a week now and then, and in the second year if she felt any symptoms, would take it for a few days; after eighteen months from the first dose has never CASTOR OIL AND ITS ADMINISTRATION Lecturer on Clinical Gynecology, Medical College Better to hunt in fields of health unbought, than fee the doctor for a naseous draught.

Did Birmingham meet with her deserts, her rate of mortality woidd be very high. On the very day on which the needles were removed, the infant' was seized with acute bronchitis, which lasted for three days, to the imminent risk of its life; nevertheless, the union held its ground, and after the subsidence of the attack, a healing action came over the needle holes, when all got rapidly well. Miner, retires and a corps of editors takes his place. He heard, in the Profession, that never have revaccinations succeeded as they do now (