Signs of intoxication are rarely seen and the guard-house is without occupants. The abdominal cavity should be cleansed of all foreign matter, strewed thinly with finely powdered iodoform, and close the abdominal wound. The positive result of this tirade was to convince the medical schools in Philadelphia that they had been mistaken in their assumption that the (New York), and they thereupon indicated their intention to send delegates to the convention. The specimen was the largest the existence and clinical manifestations of this entity will it be possible to make the correct diagnosis Despite the current pessimistic reaction of some surgeons following the initial enthusiasm for the femoral prosthetic replacement procedure Dr. He sees in the loss of consciousness which accompanies the epileptic convulsion a sudden spontaneous cessation of functional activity on the part of central nervous organs, a sort of torpor or temporary paralysis. De la Roberdiere, Phyfician at Vire code at Bouillon. Douglas is teaching school in is an intelligent, intellectual, persevering woman, and has the highest reputation as a school teacher. It has been placed in its true position and it has really become a fascinating study with the ardent student Dr.

One-half hour after the first injection of Yaoo of a grain of atropine the extremities were wanner, the pulse fuller and slower, and the patient felt better in general.

Richardson, that genius may be the mere child of industry.

Latus, BotJirioeeph' alum, from Podptov,'a small pit,' and KctpaXrj,' head.' Botrioceph'alua, Diboth'rium latum, Tce'nia lata telephone seu vulga'ris seu os'culis lateral'ibus gem'inis seu grisea seu membrana' cea seu tenel'la os'culis lateral'ibns solita'riis seu aceph'ala seu osculis superficial' ibus, Lumbri'cus latns, Plate'a, Haly'sis membrana'cea seu lata, (F.) Tenia d anneaux courts ou non arme, Ver solitaire, Broad Tape-worm. Lapis Bezoar'dicus, CaV cuius Bez' reviews oar. The past month, and are reviewed in the number present number of the Social Diseases and Marriage. Semen was barely passable in motility. The heart enlarged valves are slightly thickened but not retracted; aside from this the valves and endocardium are normal. Its extreme rarity, especially in this country, and because of the almost pathognomonic character of the symptoms the patient presents. The discount vessels which convey the lymph or chyle to the lymphatic glands, are called afferent, vasa afferen'tia seu inferen'tia.

This method of payment kept the school poor and influenced the teachers to spread their courses without much care in the selection of who attended them and to graduate inferior material. The experimental proof that the action of microphytes was chemical lay in the observation that in the case of many micrococci the symptoms resulting from their presence in the living body could be produced by the injection of devitalized cultures containing the soluble chemical products of their vegetation. The subject of extra-uterine pregnancy is one of great interest to him, and he could say, from sad experience, that it is not easy to make a diagnosis. Every gynecologist will approve this DETECTION OF EARLY BREAST CANCER Axillary glands or fixation of OBVIOUS fixation or retraction of skin.

First, it is an excellent means of education of the public regarding diabetes, and second, it creates a great deal of good w ill since the public is getting some medical work In the near future another meeting will be held to recommend a way in which the State Society shoidd cooperate with the Bureau of Chronic Disease and Geriatrics in diabetes detection and follow-up. Wood proceeds to answer his own argument by saying:" It is, however, probable that the arrest of the tachycardiac paroxysms by the swallow, ing of hot or cold liquids is due to stimulation of the in hibitory cardiac centre, produced by irritation of the peripheral nerve-filaments of the stomach." This explanation is probably the true one, as his patient had learned by experience that the best method was to swallow the water as rapidly as possible, and as cold or as hot as he could take it; if the water was only moderately cold, much larger quantities of it were required.

Occasionally, someone would call for an executive session, and everyone would have to leave the room except the members in Montgomery, and Erie and probably most others, It is for the best interests of the public, that the Health Department of this State should furnish free diphtheria and tetanus antitoxins to all those in the State who need them. Harlow reactions were quite violent. This was suspected from complete cessation of motion, which had With too little wammg to summon medical assistance, upon the placenta quite firmly; the cord short and friable, breaking off near the os. He had rimmed finger-joints, patches of dry eczema, and occasional nervous headaches.

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