The milk was carted about the city for eight hours.and then examined.

He stretched them out flat and gave them a sharp blow upon the abdomen with a flat ruler. A brief summary of these exemptions including language pertaining to delegating standing orders Pastoral counseling.

The idea of this collusion between driver and doctor, though not explicitly stated, being evidently for the purpose, should the doctor be in danger of incurring the forfeit, of having the driver whip up his horses. In looking over the various works on irritative poisons, I find no antidote to the poison of cantharides, and mention this now, that further trial may be made resistance against the operation of destructive chemical action.

Kirkbrice, Jr, were eUcted work of the institution during the past year, and Miss Banfield, Superintendent cf the Hospital, presented a report of the hospital and training schools.

Physicians may not prescribe, dispense, or administer a controlled substance except for a valid medical purpose and in the course of professional practice. His capabilities are necessarily so limited and his physical disability is so great that he has not the will to overcome his physical defects and force his brain to act. If the diverticulum be quite long, then the number of loops of bowel involved may be two or three and the complexity of the tying process may be considerable. Davis, MD, Director, Sunbelt Physician Placement Service, GENERAL SURGEON WILLING to do general practice wishes to relocate in small or medium size town. Bigelow closed it with the statement that the diminished irritation and danger were the chief The writer begs leave to suggest that the marked irritation frequently following the use of silver nitrate may probably be due to the use of the ordinary crystalline silver nitrate which is often found to be slightly acid, whereas if on the delicate, sensitive tissues like those of the eye, a solution of the moulded silver nitrate effects will be observed. As most of the family were down with fever, and not enough well to wait on the sick, no further clammy, pulseless, delirious, rolling on the floor; tongue pale and pointed; respiration hurried and laborious. Here, then, is a disease which is constantly with us, manifestly transmissible, and which attacks at one time or another almost every member of the human race, but concerning which the medical profession shows a neglect of sanitary laws which is A point of interest in this connection, however, is that there seems to be throughout the world a gradual decrease in the death-rate from tubercular diseases, and the results of Naegeli's autopsies show that a large per cent of cases recover.

Protrusion in children is usually intestine alone, the omentum not being Bufficiently developed to occupy the sac. Two weeks hence the corner stone of the Methodist Hospital in Manila for women and children will be laid, while a new general hospital at Baguio is nearly completed. In the experiments in test-tubes the conditions present in the normal stomach were simulated as far as possible.

Blood and mucus were not present in the stools and complaints of tenesmus were not made in these cases. This is actually what is found in the medical history of the time, for the hospitals very soon after the beginning of the old Crusading period had become beautiful buildings, and the care of the patients in them was carried to a point of refinement that has made them examples in history. During several years he had from time to time recurring attacks of acute sinus infection, after each of which there was a sharp increase in his diabetic symptoms and distinct evidences of acidosis. He stated that he believed it not improbable that it would ultimately be found, that all those preparations which have a radical basis, (in the language of modern chemistry,) such as acetic ether, bisulphuret of carbon, aldehyde, and many others of an analogous character, upon some of which he had made extensive experiments, would possess similar properties on the animal economy.

The muscles of the posterior abdominal regions are bound down, and some take their origin from the fascia lumborum, which together with the psoas fascia determines the course of spinal abscesses. The points of comparison with typhoid fever are very vague, but the differences are sharply accentuated. Mercurial treatment has been found of benefit in early cases of good constitution. Some little experience has been had with it in fissures of the nipple, incipient mastitis, varicose dermatitis of the leg, pruritis vulvae, and quite a long list of similar affections. The dorsal interossei, too, together with the lumbricales flex the first and extend the second and third phalanges.