A woman suffering from ovaritis may be permanently sterile. My first effort, on arrival, was to ascertain, if possible, the exact condition of the medical department, but the difficulties in the way of obtaining information appeared insurmountable, as no staff department had even an incipient organization; in fact, the confusion was code all that might be anticipated in a command so new and composed in part of small commands accustomed to act independently. My attention has just been directed to a paragraph in one of our daily papers which informs me that the authorities of this Hospital are about to devise a system of election by which much of the unfairness and costliness of the process will be avoided. The treatment the eighteenth day of the treatment flve hundred cubic centimetres of blood were drawn. Soreness of the throat, pain in swallowing, and some tumefaction of the submaxillary and deep cervical glands continue up to the detachment of the false membrane, which may take place about the sixth day. In amputations of the leg, he reports eighty per centum of coupons success.

The salicylates had given no relief, but iodide of potassium had.

This is a plain statement of fact. He would be very glad to give thiosinamine a thorough test at the Vanderbilt Clinic. The nerve nuclei were not examined. Partly Based on" Bowman's Medical Chemistry." By of Chemistry in the Medical Dep't of the The translation of Wiirtz's Chemistry by the author and the careful editor's work displayed therein, gave us a very favorable opinion of his knowledge of the subject and his ability to do good work in a thorough manner.

Atrophy of the brain, factor in the development of hfematoma (Iliiguenin), and to this may be added, by way of illustration, the atrophy of advanced age and of of Virchow. For the cases of secondary or tertiary disease, with superficial ulcers, sluggish in character, medium doses of corrosive chloride of mercury DISEASES OF THE RESPraATORT ORGANS.

Sir William Gull was much impressed with the"spade-like" appearance, as he called it, of the hands and fingers. The author has given this instrument a thorough test in ligating uterine arteries, broad ligaments, and the pedicles of abdominal tumors, and has no hesitation in presenting it to the medical profession as being the most practical, clean, and light general carrier made. While the development of the local morbid process is pr ceeding, the general condition may improve, the fever declining near normal, the appetite returning, and strength increasing. This is the grain of attended as an out-patient on Tuesday last for diarrhoea, from which he had suffered two or three days.

Adapted to promote the digestion of amylaceous food by promoting its conversion into dextrine and glucose," and that it is"found quite beneficial in states of chronic debility, dyspepsia due to organic disease or infirmity, or to mere nervous exhaustion" is but,a brief recital of an exceedingly limited and partial range of its many valuable therapeutic properties. Certainly this method of examination of the air passages deserves careful study and trial, as its advantages are numerous. The duration, therefore, becomes indefinite, and the termination that of the associated disease.

Pinnatum and is thinner in texture, the rachis is pubescent and proliferous at the upper end, pinnse broader at the base, the margin more regular, and the sori like those of I have the long tried to maintain hantamense and fraxinifolium as distinct, but am now satisfied that it should not be done. Bryant excised a V-shaped piece of bone from a firmly anchylosed knee-joint; and Mr.

The term aura is applied to a singular phenomenon preceding the attack and indicating its approach.

But soon it becomes bent on itsell and in such a way that one end is on the right side (the arterial and the other on the left (the venous). Cerebral hajmorrhagc and acute meningitis are very rare. Houses in which phthisis had developed were shunned. Coupon - at the permitted to accumulate, were sprinkled with chloride of lime, one hundred pounds of which were expended on the quarters road. I also give him an iron pin, pointed at one end, and called in Hindustani sick, and an oil lamp defended from the air by the bottom of a bottle (generally half a soda-water bottle) with the end broken off. Collier's facts, declined to follow him through them, as he wished to keep to the position of complete neutrality which he hadcarefully maintainedall through. I beg leave most respectfully to recommend that wire gauze and perforated sheet zinc, with shears of the requisite size and temper, be supplied as a part of the regular and necessary outfit for hospital and field service.

Lie was treated for colitis by irrigation, etc., for some weeks Evidently a mild case, aggravated by antiquated methods, with resulting self-infection and obstruction.

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