Selected formulas from prominent physicians, published by the The Denver Chemical Manufacturing Company, of Xew York, has put out a booklet on antiphlogistine, which is a clever bit of advertising. When malaria is at the bottom of the trouble, Fowler's solution acts well.

An analysis of your impressions ill give you additional facts, which will aid ou in your diagnosis. All these and several lesser lights emanating from French authors have stared us out of countenance from nearly every textbook too long.

Their interest for the pathological anatomist is greater than their practical importance to the physician, inasmuch as it is often difficult or impossible to determine the fact of their existence clinically. The head should lie on one side, to relieve pressure at the base of the head. Movements of elbows also feebler than normal.

He bs asked for tea after some had been forcibly administered. We, however, do desire uniformity in the resulting description of the diseased conditions; not that the language shall be identical, but that it shall convey a clear conception of the disability claimed, so that the bureau can draw an accurate mental vision objective when we feel that we would be benefited by the impressions received by the board during the examination. The coma and convulsions, in this case, it is presumed, were doe to ureemia, but the symptoms relating to the urine had not been ascertained at the time the case urine, if casts continue to be found in the sediment, more especially if the quantity of urine be small and the speciBc gravity low. It is evident tliat the formal opening of the debate devolved upon Sir James Paget, who was the tirst speaker at the sicond meeting. The subject of the committal of the insane is alily handlcul; Dr. It is simply one of many efforts organized in the hope that it may, by developing certain relatively neglected lines of work, do something of value toward the solution of a very difficult problem. Not far from recomiiicndcd, as well as Monterey, though the latter is accessible only by a tedious journey l)y diligence.

Not only, he says, must pessaries be regarded as foreign bodies, but their contraindications must also be kept well in view. Consequently, its effects may either be direct, indirect, or both. We are happy to say that the subscription list is enlarging in a gratifying way.

Next, he washed the wound with diluted carbolic acid, introduced a drainage tube into its lowest part and closed it with antiseptic silk. In the early part of the season he is taught how to fall on the ball, kick, run properly and is given such light work as will get his body in physical condition, so that the liability to injury is reduced to a minimum. The mind is usually intact, but, in a certain proportion of cases, toward the close of life, delirium, convulsions, and coma occur. Of a syphilitic constitution, he was, about four years ago, under treatment in the Infirmary for enlargement of the liver and spleen, with slight leucocythemia. The infection may be direct from continuity of tuberculous tissue, or by transmission through lymph vessels, or through the circulation. The treatment, in the second place, has reference directly to the paralysis, ud consists of measures addressed to the paralyzed parts. An examination showed her to have a marked ulceration of the os uteri, with a slight astigmatism in each eye, and considerable muscular tension.

It is as true of diseases as of thing to consider, especially if we would put in operation elTeetive limiting causes. There was a slight burning sensation, but no itching: The meatus anditonus extemns, the anus, the Tulva, and prepuce, are sometimes affected. These cases form a small minority. He should bear in mind that children often die from innutrition through the apprehensions and ignorance of nurses and mothers. The political factor has also had its influence. ) Second Kdition, with reference to the Seotc h most valuable contriliutions to the medical jurisprudence of insanity in our language.