These involve the intestinal coats to an extent that makes them distinctly visible on the peritoneal surface. From the above it is quite evident that, from a morphological standpoint, the organisms found possess no distinctive feature, also that many specimens examined show a tviwj of spirocliete.siinilar to tliat clescrilied by for treatment, with the exception of tlie last nine leprosy cases, harbor spirodiete.s in tiieir urine. Its "" composition diluted with three parts of water before using. -Tbe oiroomaftanoei of the amall-pox nnioflaeneed by vacoioation, of the modifyiog vaccinated. No thoroughly satisfactory observations have been made with regard to the proportions of uric acid and pJiospTioric acid; according to the scanty data which I possess, it would appear that both are materially diminished on the fever-days. It naemed probable that uie injnry to the bone waa There' was a good deal of brondio-pnenmonlk on tiie left aide.

Ehrlich also founds his lateral chain theory upon the mechanism by which the cells are nourished, this cellular protoplasm being very complex with many combining functions or" lateral chains" carried on by" receptors" of various forms, and according to its peculiar form is able to secure by attachment the substance called" haptophoreS;" which it can use and for which it is said to be particularly adapted. They may be made by using objects of the same form and size but of different weights. The hospital is now being refilled as fast as arrangements can be made, but scarcely rapidly enough to keep pace with the public demand. After twenty-five minutes I liad dilated the os to the size of a circle whose diameter is two inches. This process again recarred and a farther portion, two inches in leagtli, slonghed ofil After this the undress was entirely satfefaotory, and twelve months after uith a perfect artifieial anus, capable btemorrhagic measlea when fUtteen months olS. In this manner a large area of brain substance can be exposed. Brief Btatesosot' with regard to tba vary serious busiDess before the Cmmefl. -tube, in biology, a slender tube formed by a protrusion of the intine of a pollen-grain, after its contact with the stigma, and by means of which the contents of the pollen-grain are conducted into the ovule. In corroboration of these views, I transcribe a short quotation from Prof. Laparotomy was performed, hut as a tumour of the pancreas was thought present the wound was closed. More recently the division of Barthez and Eilliet has been preferred, which distinguishes not only between the primary and secondary symptoms, but also between the characters of the eruption, and thus divides all the cases into those with a normal and those with an abnormal eruption, all other details being referred to the chapter on" Complications." This method has the merit of simplicity, but it necessitates a great many artificial subdivisions of no special value. She represented to me that her health was suffering severely; that life, under the circumstances, had no attractions for her, and that she desired to have an operation performed. Bat Jal aa taika it aa meaaing that ihMie ia m anoh nor iesee is oapaUe of deatmetion, muL if by death ia meant lire in some fiwm or other. Heberden says:"Some books speak of intermittihg poises as, dangerous signs, but, I think, without reason, for sneh ttivist causes will oocauon them that they are not worth regarding moment." Dr. The sphincter was then stretched and a sliarp bistoury passed through the anus, transfixing at the upper part of the incision, and all the retro-rectal tissues cut through mesially with a rapid cut was found necessary to excise the lower part of the sacrum aubperiosteally. In one case I was telephoned for by our house-surgeon, who could find no"os" at all. A marked increase in frequency after the fifth or sixth day is, according to Nunnely and Hinckes-Bird, of unfavorable significance. In like manner the retro-pharyngeal and laryngeal cellular tissue swells, and then causes respiratory disturbances, similar to those of oedema glottidis, and impossibility of deglutition.

If I were to succeed, very well; if not, I should leave him for several weeks, until all traces of inflammation, which would result from such violence, should have subsided, and then make subcutaneous section of the tendons of the contracted muscles, and in time restore the limb to Dr.

It soon became very popular, niid is the form which twenty or thirty years ago used to he seen in nearly every drawing-room. When the process spreads quickly, uniformly, and to an intense degree upon the skin, the fever becomes continuous, with very is followed by a secondary one in the night, in the later forenoon hours. This course involved the direct personal attention of the instructor to a quite limited number of pupils, who began from the very beginning and were conducted step by step in such a way that they were obliged to learn or confess their incapacity. But those of us who had to deal directly with the details of the causes of such losses, know only too well wherein ciples of military veterinary hygiene are sufBciently elastic in their scientific aspect to meet the exigencies of warfare in much the same manner as they have met the simpler and better known That this is not a mere hypothesis but a practical possibility can be proven by simple facts. Messengers went in every direction for a medical man, and a considerable time elajised and rapidly etiected.

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