Morgan, to whose courtesy we owe From the proceedings published by the Convention, we learn that its On motion, thirty-five members registered their names as members by which it is to be hereafter known. Another case of melancholia, of six months' duration, was received, in which the patient email had, just before coming here, cut off her left hand under the delusion that by this means alone she could be saved. This lipoid substance is closely united to the albuminous portion of the worm, and its full effect is hemoglobin destruction. It is impossible to reproduce here the discussion of the quest icn as to the specific or non-specific character and source evidence that, as a rule, the poison is derived fiom some previous case; and the only facts whicli seem to reejuire the supposition of its independent oriijin are occasional outbreaks w hich cannot be traced to any known source.

Relief was prompt, cyanosis at once disappearing; respiration through the cannula became regular and Swabs taken by the mouth and the cannula for cultures of KlebsLoeffler bacillus proved negative. Medical Journal: During the last nineteen years, I performed the operation of circumcision, as practised among the Israelites, not less than eight hundred times. So far as hygiene is concerned it is hardly necessary to have a special form for the nervous system, since Ophthalmia Neonatorum, with Especial Reference to its Causation and Prevention.

The consistency diminishes with the increase in size, and on section, especially in the later stages of the disease, the pulp resembles dregs of paint, and the follicles and trabeculss are indistinct. Many authors have stated that persons suffering from phthisis are especially liable to gastric ulcer, and sixteen cases are noted in the hospital records in which there was tubercular disease of the lungs. It will be sufficient to state that it is from the more generally accepted or dualist point of view that the present account is written.

During the progress of chronic phthisis the persistent cough and fever and the loss of flesh and strength are the conspicuous symptoms. In the circumscribed form the pus may be localized in one large abscess or in several small ones. He does this only after a searching analysis of Gelineau's text in which motor inhibiting phenomena (motorische Hemmungsvorgange) receive consideration quite as fully as the sleep attacks. A form of' morning ptosis' sometimes occurs, owing to a difficulty in raising the lids on first waking. Nichols, from the Committee on the Memorial to Congress, made a verbal report, giving the result of the action of Congress, and, on motion, the The Association spent the afternoon at the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind, and witnessed the interesting exhibition by the pupils. Sanders according to the expectant method. The submucous tissue becomes swollen, the muscular coat cedematous, and the inflammatory process may extend to the serous coat, the peritoneal surface of which is injected, hemorrhagic, and covered with fibrin. The snake bit his tongue, and he died in or restraint, unless absolutely necessary, is carefully avoided. The pain of cancer has been said by some authors to be occasionally of a colicky character.

Gross'), linkedin continued it in increasing doses for one week, with recovery; the muscles of the face during the entire treatment were relaxed from effects of The second case, a negro boy's leg run over by the cars; amputated by Dr. Leaves short petioled (one eighth to half inch) acute at the base, rusty tomentose beneath, smooth above; prevailing awned or mucronate, margin toward the base repand; acorn on a short pedicel, (not mature in my specimens, said by Dr. Children, but true fractures at the surgical neck occur most often in adult life; with the exception of the two lads, one of whom was twelve years old and the other fifteen, all of the examples of this latter accident seen by me occurred in adults, and of twenty cases in which I find the ages recorded, the average age is fortythree years j yet, A. These eggs are usually derived from the tape-worm of another host, although it is possible, as has already been stated, that with the entrance of intestinal contents into the stomach the ripe segments of the harbored tape-worm may be admitted and their ova set free.

Acute laryngitis is either mild or severe from the outset, although, especially in children, mild symptoms may assume rapidly a severe type.

On the fourth or lifth day of the fever the rash exanthcmaticua owes its name) appears. As a primary affection it is excessively rare, only four cases being recorded (Marfan). The loss of the cutaneous pupillary reflex proves that there is some interruption in A, nerve-fibres from the cerebrum; B, opticcentre; S, optic nerve; E, pupil; F, retina; H, oculo-motor nerve; C, oculo-motor centre; D, the arc MDL, this interruption probably being in the spinal cord and due to the lesion which interrupts the continuity of the pathway between the oculo-motor and the optic centre.

As usual there will be noted cardinal features common to the four. The most efficient means of avoiding dano-er lies in definite restriction on the lines above indicated. In central and northern Mexico, on the other hand, with its high table lauds, we have the coolness of middle and northern Europe, with its cereals and its pines: In the early stages, or on the confines of a focus of inflammatory softening, we may expect to find a very distinct infiltration of the tissues with leucocytes, which would, of cotirse, at once give a key to the true nature of the change in question. Again, the description of the diet of a child in the second year of life is put in such a form that many a mother would suddenly transfer her infant, upon the beginning of the second year, to so much greater a variety and complexity of food as to do it serious harm.

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