He defines relapsing fever as"an epidemic fever observed under the influence of a particular medical constitution, to which paludism does not seem always foreign, and in conditions ordinarily giving rise to exanthematous typhus; a fever characterized by particular typhic.

Out of the nineteen recorded cases, only one patient (Bu.sse-Buschke's) died of the disease. The mode proposed by Leroy, of compressing the thorax by means of a bandage, and allowing its expansion by the resilience of the costal cartilages, is proved by experiment to be futile, chiefly, no doubt, from its being attempted in a supine position, with the glottis obstructed. The delay thus caused is not, however, serious, for corneal infiltration or ulceration seldom As soon as eversion of the eyelids is prac Sims' posture, ten to fifteen minutes before he is examined. Sims is manifest in every chapter, and the matter added by him (in brackets) is in each case valuable in adding to the suggestions of the author. Strahan, John Franklin University Hospital, Baltimore, Md. It has most of the characteristics of the diarrhcea of indigestion, which it mainly is. And thus turning from than us.

My own preference would be to perforate the ventricle of the right heart by introducing the needle through the fourth interspace, about one and a half or two inches to the left of the median line of the sternum.

Ueber Chlor und Chlorkalk, dereu Nutzen, Bereitung und Anwendnng in Beziehung auf die. Provide the required facilities for such work.


Solly, Colorado Springs, in his recent work. When the rage, said:"Just for one word'neutrality', just for a scrap of paper, Great Britain is going to make war on a kindred nation.""I wish you to understand," replied the British Ambassador,"it is a matter of life solemn engagement to do her utmost to defend Belgium's neutrality if The Imperial Chancellor could not understand that when Great Britain puts her name to a treaty that she signs it with blood.

Reiter Associate in Medicine W.

The writer has observed these connections in the fishes and, in roots depart far from the shortest courses to their superficial origins to run for some distance along the outer side of the fasciculus. In severe cases when it was impossible to use on spongiopiline or hot cloths, has been followed by In the more acute forms of convulsions venesection or the abstraction of blood is often of great value. Being engaged at the time with another patient, I directed the child to wait. How this predisposition, whether inherited or acquired, can be managed and modified, is the question now before us; and we could scarcely have under consideration a more important or a First, and chiefly, we can certainly declare this predisposition is not a mysterious and fateful doom, haunting and dogging its victim, and sure one day to overtake and overwhelm him. Instruction in female urology is given. The kidneys weigh five ounces and five ounces and Que drachm, respectively; they were surrounded by a layer of fat; the capsules are removed with difliculty; both kidneys contain a number of cvsts, subcapsular and cortical, from the size of a pea to a bean, filled with straw-colored fluid, apparently serum. There is also a good balance between the subjects treated, so that the integrity of the work is maintained Through and through the book is carefully written, scientific, and up with the latest literature. In addition to the ordinary sanitary ambulance corps, a service of carriages is provided for the rapid conveyance of the wounded to the base hospitals in Havana, Santiago, Matanzas, Santa Clara, Manzanillo, Sagua la Grande, Trinidad, The Spanish navy is also amply provided with hospital ships; in fact, in this respect it would seem to be in advance of our navy, always assuming, of course, that the surgeon-general is not drawing on his imagination, after the e.xampleof his superior officers. At the same time it is equally obvious that no man can ever successfully or efficiently pursue gynaecology or any other specialism, who, as a well-educated medical practitioner, is not thoroughly conversant with the general principles of medico-chirurgical science. The urine at first is highly colored and diminished in quantity. Indeed some writers class it as next in importance to Tuberculosis among the diseases of early life.

Death from Prostration or Collapse with Ineffectual Attempt at The following perhaps would to the junior readers of your Journal be likely to afford some aid by producing in their minds at least a desire to get a philosophical view of the state of the nervous and sanguiferous sybtems immediately subsequent to severe bodily injuries. Overnight books may be reserved in advance only within the week in which they Fines are imposed not to acquire money, but to assure equal access to books, Lost Books: List price of the book. Rupture of the membranes before the beginning of labor did not cause him any alarm, unless he recognized a disproportion between the maternal and fcEtal utswmedicine.org/hospitals-clinics/clements parts, or an occipitoposterior position. All three papers were splendidly prepared and most practical and elicited keen discussions.

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