The graduations on the tube indicate the number of corpuscles. These and other considerations make it very doubtful if any case of jaundice can with propriety be attributed to a suppression of the hepatic functions; and it is therefore necessary to seek for some other explanation of those cases of jaundice in which there is no obstruction in tlie bile-duct. Still it was thought best not to look idly on; and after an attentive consideration of it in all its bearings, we came to the following diseased structure can be removed, that, although all operations of this kind are attended with more or less danger, yet in this case there is little to be apprehended; and that the enclosure of the polypus in a ligature may, by preventing hemorrhage, prolong (if it does no more) than half can be enclosed in a ligature, the removal of this portion may destroy the organic life of the remainder, and it may be removed spontaneously, or it can be removed being communicated to the patient and her friends, they acquiesced. The value of electrocardiographic alterations in relation to such experiments would give some basis of assessment of the reliability of electrocardiographic methods. New mosquito records from Nebraska, I. Snyder's article brings to mind some things which have occurred in Albany, which shows that we do not need to go to New York for illustrations of the" failures of the law." For instance: The Reverend Vedder was, some few years ago, sentenced to Dannemora as the result of an abortion case, while the so-called physician (fortunately not a member of our county medical society), who was the actual perpetrator of the crime of abortion, has never been brought to trial. Counted tor on the plainest princi from heat to cold, nor from dry to c"y i" question. There is no proof, say the supporters of this doctrine, that any of the diseases which it is the object of these regulations to keep at a distance, are contagious in any proper sense, or can be conveyed from the locale where they are produced, and sown in distant and different regions. The two ureters having been thus diverted by two operations, the bladder can be excised by a supra-pubic operation. Everything having been useless, he prescribed the tannin, and with success equally prompt as in the first instance; for, at the end of fuur days, the discharge had every morning and evening a simple of laudanunj, which were gradually that notwithstanding the great loss of blood, the pulse continued both very full and very frequent.

The Epidemic of Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Recently reported from Northern Texas, nowseems to be somewhat Tinder control. - rosvoll: pathology at the New England Deaconess Maria Z.

The whole appearance was as if a blow with an instrument half an inch in width, The remaining leg lay upon the side with the toes pointed inwards, and could not be reduced; appearing as if dislocated at the hip joint. The Theory and Practice of the The book is well illustrated and clearly printed. A little above the patella, in front of the lim!), there had been for some time a slight tumefaction, tender, upon pressure, and depending, it would seem, on thickening of the periosteum. Convalescence was most satisfactory, and she was discharged from the hospital on the fourteenth postoperative day.

The food supply was reasonably per cent, were composed of men whose vocations were not included among the others mentioned. It is caused by the dripping or splashing of fluid in the distended pleuralcavity: or is due to the reverberation of bronchial rales, or even to cardiac sounds.

Severe laryngitis exist in an mcreased degree in this affection, the swelling of the epiglottis interfering especially with deglutition, and that of the aryepiglottic and ventricular bands causing very dangerous dyspnoea. A vnlcanitc tube curved the laryngeal aperture, and then the powder, which has been introduced through a small opening covered by a slide in the tube, is blown into the larynx and trachea. " It strengthened," he asserted," the bodies of soldiers and sailors, and would be extremely useful in a siege, persons having lived several days without any other subsistence." He recommended it also to the bishop, probably on the look out for glebe and tythes, in his narrative of four hundred and sixtyone tar-water cures, included many cases of barrenness, gout, loss and want of complexion, lovvness of kine, and horses are subject, curable and incural)le.

A messenger was immediately despatched, and exhausted from fever and loss of blood, and still bleeding.

Sometimes, one or two low or filthy streets in a city may be sickly, as was the case some years since with the Banker street fever in New York, and the endemics at Fell's Point in Baltimore; but a large share of the whole population has probably never been sick of a malignant disease, at one time, through any one large city, except during the prevalence of yellow fever. The greater speed at which regular traffic often travels provides an ideal setting for injury to the spleen. Microscopically, the alveolar pattern was distinct. These are often misunderstood, and treatment instituted Congestion, irritation, and various disturbances, both functional and organic, of the uterus, tubes and ovaries in the female, the and the bladder in both, may result from chronic constipation. Exceptions do undoubtedly occur, but the objections to them stated are founded on personal experience.

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