After six weeks I gradually reduced the amount of carbolic acid by adding more glycerine, and when the wound was nearly healed used spermaceti ointment. The case which gave other symptoms than that showed rigidity of the right arm, strabismus, and so on, obviously pointing to meningitis or some similar affection. In Mav, no periods since the birth of the child, but she believed she was again pregnant. So it follows that efforts at education m ly be mide with Mr. Respectfully, Collective Investigation upon the Operative Treatment of view of securing sufficient data to lead to an intelligent conclusion on a number of doubtful points in the treatment of malignant neoplasms of the larynx. Before we can speak of their immortality, we must be able to keep them alive as long as they would live in the organism. It is very remarkable that cholera did not come to Europe by way of Asia Minor; this circumstance may perhaps be explained by the accident of its not having infected Smyrna, the chief seaport of communication between Asia Minor and Europe.

The clitoris was exposed above, considerably hypertrophied, and covered by a thickened and adherent prepuce. At several different hospitals we were told that delinquents or psychopaths are not considered as medical problems. Your Committee would be favorably inclined toward approval of these concepts, if they can be determined to be effective and fiscally sound. It is not easy to obtain the chart of an absolutely normal menstrual cycle. More than this, they render probable the inference that the disease was controlled and brought speedily to a favorable termination by the treatment. This fact, however, is explained by the proximity of salt water to the district in which"the investigations were conducted in Virginia, which made fish an important article of diet.

And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it. I never have usedcreolin dressings, but I always did my very best to put on a spiral and reverse bandage so smoothly and evenly that it would prevent muscular contractions. The professionally doctor and druggist should be friends and aid each other for their own benefit and that of their patients.

My own experience, and my observation of the practice of others, have taught me that probably the three most important things for North Carolina doctors to guard against in the treatment of these as well a other fevers are: first, the reckless use of quinine; second, the over-dosing of typhoid fever patients, and third, the lack of thoroughness in reference to the diet.

No post-mortem examination was permitted, and unfortunately, also, there was no examination of the urine.

The protein is, however, very readily oxidized in the and probably a considerable per cent, of the energy developed should be from this source.

The little j patient was again seen, and dulness had returned j'breathing was more hurried. Doubtless the hyperplasia may affect part or all of the elements. Possibly, lacking a cot, two tables might be used, placed end to end, the head resting on one, and the body on the other, with the arm hanging down between. He alluded to what he had called the cyanotic reaction. The muscles forming the pillars of the palate, planes of action, are bowed, the one anteriorly and the other posteriorly, to a degree corresponding to the size of the tonsil, and even moderately large tonsils sometimes so displace these muscles and limit their action as to keep the soft palate from rising, thus entirely preventing the performance of its valvular function during phonation, and as a result there remains an open channel from the oral cavity into the nostrils, giving undue nasality to the voice. "In the conduct of the dispensary, in the teaching of students and in the cultivation of the specialties, men simultaneously engaged in practice will to some extent continue to be These two great endowment gifts, of the type which medical education most needs in this country today, will be gratefully welcomed, not only by the institutions which they benefit, but by every member of the profession.

For this patient came to the house today with a statement that she had" water on the chest." But upon examination there was found nothing wrong with the lungs; nothing wrong with the heart. Bier's Artificial Hyperemia as a Kahn, L. Page is Associate Professor and Chief of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, University of Miami School of Medicine, and Dr. But the abstraction of blood causes more than simple resolution.

If, on the contrary, the laceration is unilateral only, and comparatively small in area, but with a raw, unhealed surface, and associated with either cervical or corporeal metritis, it is absolutely certain that the inflammation will never get well until the laceration is for the time being. Here the veil may be seen running under the parietal peritoneum, and to be continuous with the mesocolon. While time and space will not permit review of all books received, medical readers interested in reviewing particular books are invited to address requests to the Editor. I cannot see that this plate can be expected to strengthen the muscles. The following account proves that cholera"The following letter from the surgeon of the British barque among the passengers, eight days after leaving the river Mersey, and which induced the captain to put back. Almost all the elements most people believe to be necessary to stop the skyrocketing of costs and claims have been passed.

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