'Are ye,' he would.say, with a voice of exultation, and yet softened with melancholy,' are ye our children? Doe; this scene of refinement, of elegance, of riches, of luxury, does all this cotr.e from our labors? Is this maj,'nifiLent city. Public relations advisors say that broadcasters and editors We have considered other terms but have at last agreed on cell examination for uterine cancer as the term which simply and accurately describes the keystone of this vitally important This test can help save thousands of women each year. Some patients are subject to frequently recurring attacks of pharyngitis with great injection of the vessels. - as the hour of dissolution approached the unfortunate child was obliged to be propped up in bed because of inability to breathe, and crackling sounds in the lungs were heard during each act of respiration. The artificial respiration was continued, supplemented with hypodermic injections of strychnine; after a short time, the patient again opened his eyes and attempted to speak.

Lipomata occasionally occur, springing from the retroperitoneal fat, or the fat in the mesentery and omentum, fibromata have been recorded. A sister of the patient has also borne twins on one occasion. Unless properly countersigned, a ticket will not be accepted as evidence of a completed course. The nrst step in the devdopment of these structure called the medullary sheath of Schwann. At college in this branch he was excelled by none. The young girl did not accompany her brothers home, but has remained at the Salpetriere, for we were far less sure of her than of her brothers.

The fall of the pulse to or below the normal, and the continuance of contraction of the uterus for half an hour or longer, are considered reliable indications that danger is over. Not rarely it will be found best to try moist and dry climates alternately. His experience of this operations he secured the stump with sillc ligatures, closing the abdominal wound without drainage. This last group constitutes a large and important class of The distending force in dilatation is mainly the accumulation of gas in the organ, especially when a large amount of this is produced by bacterial fermentation of food.

In gout it has proven useful, but in some cases the glycerine is objectionable and another vehicle must be chosen.

Instructions are given for the preparation of a dust free, bare room. Before taking up the therapeusis of this disease it may be well to briefly review the etiology. The fever dropped subside, and the bowels moved with the aid of only a small injection, thirst not so urgent, and, with all other symptoms of improvement, gave hope of a favorable termination of our case, and on the seventeenth day of treatment the patient was able to sit up in a chair, and complained of no pain. To this form Potain gave the name of pleuropulmonary congestion.

Gall bladder with wide spread cholangitis and local peritonitis.

Both changes must coexist in any tissue in order to constitute a true gouty lesion, and he has found such lesions in the kidneys, in hyaline and fibrocartilage, and in tendons and connective tissue. Meantime the subcutaneous tissues are infiltrated with a mucin-like fluid, which is not true edema, for the skin does not pit on pressure. Children who have been most sedulously kept indoors seem to be just as liable to the attack as those who have had no care taken of them. I Digitalis may be given internally as a diuretic after the emergency is over, but it would be a waste of time to attempt to accomplish anything by diuretics before vicarious elimination of urea has been When the septicaemic or pyaemic form of urine fever develops, very little can be done in the majority of cases beyond supporting the powers of life by free stimulation, a fatal result being almost inevitable.

In such cases the limitation of movement, which, as specimens in our museums show, is in part, at least, due to osteophytic growths around the joints, is greatly increased by muscular spasm.

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