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Nephritis, arteriosclerosis, myocarditis, pericarditis, and emphysema are the Wilcox and others Wfho believe they can control the endogenous production by diet (which Baumgarten shows remains constant even on a purin free as well as starvation diet), fail to see that the giving of calomel and similar drugs (which cause retention) or salol, salicylates, etc.

Perhaps the best pedigree for a road horse for general purposes is, that he should be bred from hackney stock on both sides, more particularly for a trotter. The author's observations cover forty-seven cases, of which only ten were true cholera. Patients should be warned that at any time during the course of treatment the itching may return suddenly and be as severe as that experienced at any time prior to their coming under observation, but that this must not be deemed a bad omen, as such occurrences are not unusual, and have no special significance. In organic brain-disease, providing it be not syphilitic in nature, veir little can be done. Nutrition literature including a reader for elementary school children will be displayed.

These modern hypotheses may be grouped about three general centres, the psychological, the physiological and the biological, in all of which the psychogenic factor is prominent. Then instantly dashing on right behind them, he buried his knife in the back of one, wounded the other, recovered his horse from the dying robber, and rode home! Animals are so abundant in these countries that humanity is scarcely known. The deposit of new bone on these bones is more diffuse, and may extend over the whole shaft, covering also their upper ends. That there can be any confusion as to the essential nature of the disease as compared with, for example, gonorrhceal or tuberculous arthritis does not seem likely. As the second circle of activity begins, solution needs to be found.

Name for a combination of Tellurium and Hydrogen, forming an elastic fluid possessed of very the peroxide of Tellurium, which is called telluric acid and combines with many of the metallic oxides, producing a class of Telluricya'niiretum, t, u. Hygroma which in this instance was due, probably, to a valvular tear in the arachnoid. This lymphocytosis represents the reaction of the organism which defends itself by means of the phagocytic action of the white cells. It usually begins between thirty and forty years of age. They received further honour by being translated into French and inserted in the Journal of Medicine, Chemistry, and Natural History of Paris. ' The names and data included on the following pages were provided by the Yale Epidemiology and Public Health Alumni Fund and reflect contributions Hamilton B.

Supreme Court in the Northwest case may signal a change in the focus of antitrust cases. It is of no consequence whether an element is a The suitability of an element for a particular medical purpose is naturally determined by the bulk of tissue which it is required to would not suffice to influence a cancerous mass having a thickness ten times as great. Bosmau, another intelligent, and more modern traveller, Dongola horses are the most perfect in the world, being beaurifid, symmetrical in their parts, nervous in their movements, and docile and affectionate in their manners. At length, on the of the wound. There is loss of motor power, and the sensory symptoms are slight. I do as much have fun together whether we stay home or go out.

The ariUa much divided and in form cif a pulpous membrane of some of the Passiflorea is termed Aristolochie'us, a, um. As in a case where a mare was warranted to be sound, quiet, and free from vice and blemish, the buyer, soon after the sale, discovered that she was a roarer, had a thoroughpin, and also a swelled hock from kicking, yet kept her after this for three months, gave her physic, and used other means to cure her. Microscopically, lacunae may be seen in the cerebral tissue, the perivascular spaces are dilated, and some slight degree of nerve-cell degeneration is nothing definite is known of them. The northern and more elevated parts of the state are less humid and subject to rain than the more sunken, alluvial, and swampy region of the southern portion. In rare cases the eyeball muscles are implicated, as is also the bladder. As time went on, some of the original thinkers began to realize that, if disease and pestilence were to be conquered, some type of organized effort must be made. " The attack was sudden, instantaneous." That," hearing a noise as of the cracking of a wup, and feeling at the same moment an extraordinary kind of pain in the globe of the left eye, she awoke in great alarm, and leaped out of bed." About ten or twelve hours afterwards the eye became inflamed, and the eyelids so much swelled, as to project considerably beyond the level of the upper and lower orbitary ridges. This will, incidentally, also increase payments made to physicians. Quinine, antifebrine, antipyrine and sulfonal also prove to be very useful remedies, especially at the outset of remittent attacks.

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