There is a good deal more scabies in Boston than in most parts of the country, because of our large immigrant population.

HandffrtU Nottingham t Banktob Haeaia Islesworth; Ur.Jscksoui Wolverhampton i Ur. After some time the effect of the transplantation ceases, and therefore the surjilus production of the pigment, and there would be no further progress in the pigmentation of the white skin. Connective tissue is found in those cases where one can see the epithelial masses migratiug beneath a hair follicle that is lying in connective tissue, this gland being so entirely separated from its surroundings. The ascitic fluid with its sugar passed through the endothelium. Oftentimes the patient rises in the morning in a comfortable condition, with a renewal of the urinary symptoms toward the latter part of the day, especially if she has been much upon her feet, the disturbance lasting well into the night. He had often thought of giving up the morphine, but had always said to himself that he knew without the morphine he could n't stand the pains of his tabes dorsalis and had rather die than try.

At the afternxm masting the Prseklent read an was followed by a disc union in wliiah Drs. The entire pelvis was filled with yellow pus and all the intestinal coils were covered with flakes of fibrin. Many large and small granules, entirely resembling those inclosed in the protoplasm of both varieties, can be made out free in the plasma, especially after as small as the human variety, and the rarer eosinophilic leucocytes contain perceptibly larger granules. They are not difficult! The main problem is that they are not particularly pleasant to do. There are, however, other women who, in taking up nursing, often as a means of livehhood, do so wth the highest motives, and who, in rendenng themselves independent, have at the same time the great pleasure of helping others in their struggle through hfe.

Greater the danger of infection.

It is harmful, in my opinion, to attempt the total suppression of glycosuria by a Draconian regime.


When the Billroth II procedure is performed, the gastrojejunostomy may be performed anterior or posterior to the transverse colon.

These inter-papillary growths seem to be kept in definite paths for the most part, but when the deepest portion of the cyst wall is reached one can see epithelial cells spread throughout the tissue, some being isolated without any demonstrable relation to the primary downgrowth. It does not affect any other person unless by a transference of pus. Any great strain or tearing upon the arm sometimes brings about neuritis. They have shown that the entire duodenum in animals could be reversed and not necessarily be fatal. To the question what this organizing influence is, he answers that this is a" divine mystery," or, in plain English, that he does not know, although he finds clear evidence of its existence. We are growing in numbers, strength and influence.

Wheelhouse, for nearly the whole of his professional life, has been an active member of the govmiing body of THE TBEATMEKT OF FELTIC HEMATOCELE. The Treatment of Wounds with Especial Reference to the Value of the Blo.d C!ol The Gynecological Operating Room; An External Direct Method of Measuring the Conjugata Vera; Prolapsus Uteri without Diverticulum and with Anterior Enterocele; Lipoma of the Labium Majus; Deviations of the Rectum and Sigmoid The Employment of an Artificial Retroposition of the Uterus in covering Extensive Traumatic Atresia of the Vagina with Hamatokolpos and Hamatomctra. At this time there may be some crepitant rales and slight diminution in resonance.

The base of the fore-brain is brought near to that of the hind-brain. Royal Hospital to a grant from the Treasary owing to the extraordinary demands made upon the institution as a result of tbe recent riots. Schwartz again called attention to Labbe's procedure in the Revue Generalc dc Cliniqiie et de Th'rapeutique. Trophic disturbances consist in frequent and irregularly distributed crops of herpes and painless loss of teeth.

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