Kidney and whole ureter at one operation. It is the final step in the development of a magazine which we confidently expect will be of distinctive service to those who are in positions of responsibility for the nation's greatest asset, the health of its The change of name and the broadening of its field of endeavor complete the transformation of the Interstate Medical Journal, the predecessor of Modem Medicine, from a publication devoted to clinical medicine to a health The Nation's Health will continue those features which have proved most interesting and serviceable to the readers of Modem Medicine, but will cover the subjects treated more completely, and in addition inaugurate other features which are important in the new and wider United States Pharmacopeia is being translated into the Chinese language under the auspices of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. School lunches have manifested their value and their place in communal life. Supracondyloid division of the femur from the inner side for on combined percussion and auscultation of overdistended lateral ventricles.


Now, therefore be it House of Delegates of the TMA at its Annual Meeting must first be submitted to TMA headquarters no less than six weeks prior to the date of the Annual Meeting; and to component societies by the TMA staff no less than five weeks prior to the date of the Annual Meeting, of an urgent nature may be introduced to the House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting without prior distribution to the component societies only by approval of no less than fifty-one per cent of the membership of the fifty-one per cent of the membership be required to approve introduction of urgent resolutions in the House of Delegates rather than seventy-five per cent, and with this amendment, that the resolution be adopted with the recommendation that it be referred to the TMA Committee on Constitution and By-Laws for consideration of appropriate changes in the Constitution and ByLaws.

Laryngitis is sometimes a very serious complication of typhus. These latter findings were not present on the Intravenous pyelograms showed a slight dilation of the right ureter but no evidence of obstruction. These generally represent the occasions on which the physician may wish to use nerve block. He, nowadays, that his cherished rules frequently conflict with his own observations and do not harmonize with those who, working within the narrow field of laboratory work, make dogmatic statements which threaten the integrity of wellestablished beliefs, leaving him high and exploitation of profoundly abstruse and complex diagnostic methods and forms of treatment of such extreme specialization in technic that he, the practitioner, can make purpose was to place medicine as a whole on a basis more compatible with modern science by eliminating the uncertain and dogmatic and also where possible, the empirical use of drugs.

Laboratory evaluation should include: II. In both, absolute rest is one of the essentials. Mail Orders Given Immediate Attention Advertisers in YoUR JOURNAL will appreciate inquiries Diagnostic adjuvant in intracranial disorders Diagnostic adjuvant in disorders of spinal cord, nerve roots, peripheral nerves President, Gordon Matthews Secretary, S.

Although additional sources of P. I afterwards found out that he had slipped out and gotten some cognac. Malignum the principle of the tonsillotome, with a flexible cutting-blade for substance having toxic action, on having specific action on lymphatic tissue. It has been called"spurious consists of small slightly elevated rose-spots, varying in number from twentyfive to two hundred, which in from ten to twenty-four hours become small J It may be said that we modify small-pox by inoculation.

How music can be called an emotion goes beyond the writer's understanding. From an economic standpoint, it is un- Especially commendable are the brief and fortunate that figures were not secured to simply written articles concerning vaccina indicate the duration of stay after admis- tion. Hypoglycemia tumors, adrenal cortical carcinomas, hepatoblas tosplenomegaly, microcephaly, and bilateral abdominal of age a heart mumur most consistent with PDA was main problems were hypoglycemia and respiratory shows a large, protuberant tongue with a normal sized mandible. The cavity of the peritoneum contained a small quantity of dark coloured serum.

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