When once a tumor of the bladder was diagnosticated, he did not believe in wasting time, but to attack the tumor at once. And I think of me is not confined to surmise; but that, after he has proved his point to his own satisfaction, he has taken it for granted, and, throughout the latter part of his pamphlet, has continually coupled my name with the The evidence which Dr (unimedizin-mainz.de). In the others, the pathological lesions on intern.unimedizin-mainz.de/welcome which a diagnosis of true angina might be based still remain, yet in spite of them the attacks do not recur. This became During April, there were occa sional attacks of diplopia.

Highly spoken www.unimedizin-mainz.de/medical-center of in the London Quarterly for June.


Hunter Laplace is a native of New Orleans, and a graduate of the Literary Department of the Georgetown University. Delthil, who therein drew the following conclusions: I. The increasing sensorial weakness produces increasing irritability: and hence slighter external impressions orrasion the intestines are sluggish, the bile is irregularly secreted, the heart acts feebly; and the whole of this miserable train of symptoms is apt to terminate in dropsy. Budd,"The subjoined extract is taken from a clinical lecture upon six cases of croup.

Anagnos assured the lady that there was no person connected with the institution who could write English so faultlessly pure and sweet as Helen wrote, since the little girl, in consequence of her infirmity, had never had an opportunity to form acquaintance with any but the loftiest models of the language.

BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL You will note that a rabid dog, unaccounted for, probably passed through Ipswich, perhaps took day the Pasteur treatment, and likewise one in present outbreak of rabies, with the two cases as shown in the above table. The rob or inspissated juice of the berries of the last, have been chiefly confided in. The table shows that there was a C.) during the experimental period when no drug was given. Sayre has not only promoted the cause of the treatment of deformities; he has broadened the field One other name can be added to the list, for the painstaking, determined courage of his work, and especially for the unusual record of success won through his unparalleled persistence. Brill said that the attention of the New York Board of Health had already been called to the matter. The supervening dilatations take place rather more quickly than the contraction. Ob- Materia Meclica, he regards the discharge as pure blood, certain period of life, the vessels of the uterus are dilated and filled: and that by this congestion these vessels are stimulated to a stronger action by which their extremities ai'e forced open and pour out hlood. Oene Green read a paper on CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS IN AURAL PRAI ll'l. At the least, therefore, Formalin is equal in germicidal power to sublimate and As already intimated, great importance is attached to the applicability of the idealantiseptic in, gaseous or vaparous form, as only, in this way can we conveniently disinfect large rooms. Miles Standish: Cases of locomotor ataxia with an early appearance of optic atrophy are common, the consequent impairment of vision being the only symptom noticed by the patient in very many cases.

The anterior portion of the middle turbinate was hypertrophied. The influence of slow operating, long exposure and trauma as factors in the production of post-operative ileus is well known, and rapid operating, with a minimum of manipulation of the viscera, would seem to meet the indication for treatment.

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