Henry Pharmacy, Shippensburg Emerald Drug Stores, Harrisburg, Linglestown The Medicine Shoppe, Brookhaven, Morton. We agree with him that it is a fundamental fallacy in this case to limit the power of producing malaria to those soils or situations only, where intermittent or remittent fevers are found to prevail. Genital pores on left margin, near anterior border, of each segment; three testes to each segment. I inquired then if she had had a cold. Medicine has no dogmas except such as are the result of every-day experience, atKl these are undergoing a daily process of sifting, rejection, alteration, and addition, to suit the daily increase of our knowledge of facts, and of our powerof framing such theories as shall embrace those facts.

Hancock found a tumour situated behind the trochanter of the femur, which he pronounced to be adipose, pressing on the great ischiatic nerve, and thus giving rise to be as large as a hen's egg, much flattened, j fatly (as diagnosed), and embracing the nerve in question. The obstruction is opposite the mesenteric vessels (Kundrat; Baumler). Nevertheless, we should not overlook this appearance, if it were right cavities of the heart, the veins, and pulmonary arteries, are distended with black blood: the arterial system, on the contrary, if not altogether empty, as Curry affirms, is at least much less full.


Frequent serum amylase determinations should be obtained to detect early evidence of pancreatitis.

Goldberg, MD, Lorrie Foreman, DO, and Charles Marvin Gozum, MD, director of the Center for Research in Medicine and Health Care, and Patricia Hoffmeir of Gilbert Tweed Health Search, led the educational portion of the Resident resident trustee, and Stuart Gitlow, Jennifer E. This is one of the commonest conditions met with in medical practice, and one that is often misunderstood by physicians, who mistake it for a nephritis. " Labour is the price which the gods have set on all that is valuable," as Sir Joshua Reynolds has it.

D., in the University of Pennsylvania, recently published (Med and his experiments by vivisection, to test the value of the diagnostic symptoms of certain wounds of the chest. It consists in a retraction of the tongue, occasioned chiefly by the glosso-pharyngei muscles, which no longer counterbalanced by the genio-glossi, draw this organ downwards and backwards to such an extent, as to prevent the entrance of air into the larynx, thus occasioning suffocation.

De Brux which gives rise to this fermentation is a? writes as follows:' M. But there are some cases that will take quinine without disturbing the stomach, and in these it is good. So, when, a few years ago, I began to see accounts of a new treatment for burns in my journals, my attention was immediately arrested. On the other hand, the mere extraction of a tooth has caused miscarriage or abortion. RAPHAEL F PHILADELPHIA DOBBINS, MD, KENDALL R B PHILADELPHIA DOBKIN. It is, then, of importance to bear in mind that the cessation of the menses is accompanied by the cessation of the hemorrhage, and even of the pains symptomatic of the presence of fibrous tumours of the uterus; but then it is to be also remembered that the menopausis does not take place until a much later period the Pitie Hospital with a malignant tumour of the verge of the anus, of the size of a fist, which penetrated into the interior of the bowel for one inch and a half.

We all of us speak of imitating nature in means of relief, but in practice hardly reach the goal. Shaking should be continued throughout the titration, so as to keep the solution as strong as possible in If it be desired to study the partition of this total acidity in its organic and inorganic components, special methods must be employed. Tlie characteristic eruption appears without an accompanying decline m the tempernlvre.

(h) Here a purulent inflammation of the entire mucosa, with more or less erosion of the surface and superficial ulceration, exists.

The)' differ, however, in respect to the breadth and length of their organs, which, in the gymnotus electricus, are likewise firmly bound together at every part, while the prisms of the torpedo, and their transverse laminae, have a loose connexion; the supply of nerves are very great in both, but in the torpedo it is proportionably The communication of the air-bladder in certain fishes with the internal ear, tends to confirm, instead of contradicting, the character assigned to that organ as an imitation or rudiment of the lungs of the superior animals. It is difficult to imagine, how a chair of this description can effect the first purpose; and to discover how far it is calculated for the second, the reader should make the experiment on a chair of the same proportion to his figure, as the chair in question is to that of a little girl. After trauma, the condition will often be suspected, but in ruptured extra-uterine pregnancy the condition is often overlooked or may be confounded with acute perforative peritonitis until laparotomy is done. At this time she was conscious that her heart was beating rapidly. It possesses a metallic reed, which is placed in the air-current, producing by its vibrations a sound which is converted into articulate speech by the organs above, such as the lips and tongue.

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