If the patient becomes comatose nourishment should be continued by stomach or nasal tube. I may remark that the conversations I listened to on the claims of homoeopathy were generally characterized by a liberality and candor on both sides, which I had not been accustomed to, and which, considering the acerbity which has often attended the controversy, I was In regard to the relations of homoeopathy to the European governments, it is generally true that it is so far sanctioned by the public authorities that its physicians are everywhere licensed to practice it, after having sustained the regular examinations in the allopathic school, and obtained the regular degree of M. And may be obtained at all prescription druggists. Their use is attended with little or no inconvenience or pain, and they thus not only give great comfort to patients, but diminish in the Surgeon's mind the non-pleasantness eaused by reflections upon the results of These limbs can be obtained of Higby and Stearns, Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, who are agents for their sale. Since that time he had had the opportunity of studying over two hun dred cases.

Afterward he referred to the social phenomenon of rumor and its relation to the psychology of the crowd. The urine is therefore rendered acid, to prevent small quantities of albumin remaining in solution upon the application of heat, and thus escaping detection.

" Although the work of compiling these statistics was laborious and detailed, your Secretary has endeavored to make them as accurate as was possible with the records so cheerfully furnished be made the official membership record book and fmther that a suitable metal container be purchased for its preservation. The facts upon which the present paper is based are to be found more fully"Pacchionian Bodies" in the"Reference Handbook" From a mechanical standpoint there are three causes of hydrocephalus: (a) over-secretion (as by block in the vein of Galen, leading to excessive production of fluid), (b) Closure of the outlets from the ventricles (as at the foramen of Munro, the iter, or the three outlets from the fourth ventricle), (c) Interference with the efferents from the subarachnoid space. One day I hypnotized her and llien for the first time I learned the history of her case. All general hospitals should have special provisions for the indoor care of incipient or acute cases of syphilis and all men who treated syphilis in public practice should enforce the indoor care of such patients with the object of getting such patients under prompt control and thereby minimizing the spread of the disease. Later it was administered subcutaneously, and in the twenty-nine cases which he finds reported in the literature there was but one death.


This may be either the application of a bag to support the hernia, the method of gradual compression, which is without danger and depends upon the patience of the subject and the perseverance of the surgeon, or operation. Not content with filling in every official hour of the convention, the local committee pressed all who could to remain and participate in a trolley ride to Fort Leavenworth, The semi-annual meeting of this association was held at the The roll call was dispensed with and the attendance was The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Amethopterin (Methotrexate), intrathecally, is particularly useful in these patients. Nothing is claimed in them as particularly novel or profound, they are doubtless such thoughts as have occurred to many; necessary to such familiarity, they are thrown out for the purpose of showing the absurdity of exclusive systems of practice. Staff Conferences are often discussions of clinical successes, and we felt that it was desirable to discuss one of our failures, although other more effective treatment is at developed painful swelling of both knees and legs without associated heat or erythema.

There was no fever or marked systemic disturbance.

The primary rights of the stock-owner cannot be lightly invaded. NERVOUS CONTROL OF KIDNEY FUNCTION. In this locality who ship cattle any distance suffer a loss from this malady, but never before have I seen it named or described." We arc just in receipt of the announcement from Secretary Hlair, of the annual meeting of the Veterinary Mkdical Association OK Nkw York Citv. The invasion of the pyogenic micro-organisms may be evidenced Physical Signs, a.

No irregularity is detected reviews in the spinous processes.

The employment of astringents and of other means suited to the treatment of renal haemorrhage has been suggested. Never sick; no venereal history. Larson also pointed out that it would States has ruled, Social Security is strictly a tax program with current taxes used principally to provide benefits for those now was a summation of various Administration proposals in the field with some additions. It is more likely, however, that the alkaline colonic and duodenal secretions continually reflux into the transposed segment as far as the of the mucosa of all levels of the intestine to peptic ulceration and emphasized the importance of the buffering action of the duodenal chyme in the prevention of peptic In the present study gastric acid secretion is thought to have been normal.