There is an odor of bitter almonds or peach kernels. The kidney was distended and the ureter was very small.

Seven years ago the patient had been exposed to much cold; the finger became gangrenous, and has been ulcerated since. Large-scale control activities, such as draining flooded areas, clearing obstructions from waterways, and filling in craters, as well as applying larvicides to water surfaces. Properly administered, the percentage of successful returns to sinus To summarize our presentation, we have stressed the importance of etiology in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cardio vascular cases; we have outlined the treatment of the average cases of auricular fibrillation by the use of digitalis and quinidine sulphate, presenting the points to be gained and the dangers guarded against in the use of the latter drug. Wounds had frequently been neglected or inadequately dressed, and the initial strain on surgical staffs of bank for prisoners, the donors being drawn from the PBS prisoner of war enclosures.

Even the venereal disease rate, contrary to all expectations, was surprisingly low. In this case he removed the fractured tibia, retaining the periosteum, out of which a new of his profession so entirely that many even in his own country Professor Stoukovemkoff, Chair of Dermatosyphilography at Kiew. To transmit to.tho Treasurer the names of the Fellows elect, immediately after the To return to the Treasurer the names of Members delinquent on taxes, with the amounts severally due from each. The stereoscopic presentation included several cases of tuberculosis; preretinal edema; rupture of the choroid; stages in the progress of thrombosis of the retinal vein; an advancing hypertension; optic He showed by serial photographs the development of angiomatosis; the primary circumpapillary exudate and the dilated vessels. Fresh air, water, saline infusions, and symptomatic medication when needed, were associated with the quinine treatment.

I think that in some instances we are keeping these cases much longer on a medical regime than we ought to in fairness either to the patient or to the surgeon. Descartes, Suavage and Bourdelot were the first who sought tO' explain the adjustment of the eye to vision at different distances by changes in the crystalline lens.

The following clubs extend the courtesy of open doors to the Art Club, Broad Street below Walnut. The opposite kidney was also"granular," and showed a few suppurating foci. Wound looks well, as if the parts were uniting; has less appetite; does not wish for any more herring; pulse good; complains of head feeling bad. Bard mentions this liability of certain women.

That this Association has to deal with, because we want to hold our meeting in a place where we can have the largest membership and the largest attendance; and, Mr. Of especial interest in this connection are the small hyaline masses which were found, particularly in the brain and elsewhere. Hofmeier states that in his twenty-two years' experience confinements, lie has seen but one instance of undoubted who died of streptococcus septicemia on the eighth day after delivery. In all other respects he was most unostentatious and modest. When the regiment was unable to regroup the next day because of excessive losses in stragglers, it was relieved by the up from static positions in the Serchio and Carrara the next day, while the strong opposition in bitter mountain fighting.

It proved to be phosphorus, which, igniting spontaneously, set fire to his clothes.

Syphilis also appears as the exciting cause in certain instances. All his work is comprised in two volumes quarto of about five hundred pages each, and is extremely irregular in respect to value. When he was three years of age, his father.

ThiS race regarded a numerous progeny as the principal aim in life. At the age of eighteen he procured employment as a teacher, and continued to teach the district school for the four succeeding winters.

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