This is tlie basic factor underlying this man's disorder. : Dosage, writing, how tinctures and extracts are made, and the various vinegars, wines, medicated waters, ointments, decoctions, elixirs, plasters, emulsions, infusions, liniments, liquors, masses, mucilages, oleates, pills, suppositories, capsules, spirits, syrups, etc., in fact, how to make and prepare anything and everything you prescribe, and should even know how the various coal tar products, like acetanilid, phenacetine, etc., are made, or where they are derived from, and should also know that they are serious heart depressants in nearly all cases. To force or squeeze Dureszieren, v.i. The Massachusetts Board of Health.


Phlehotomus probably does not act as a vector, as it is nocturnal, and it is evident that the transmitting insect must be diurnal, since the disease is contracted by men who only spend the day in the forest. Still it is known at present, that the forme fruste may show dementia without choreiform movements. He asked in what proportion of cases of dilatation with tents any untoward results followed. The author does not think that Glossina is here responsible for infecting the horses and mules, as these flies are rare in the locality. In spite of this fact the usual plan of treatment of suchulcers has been based on tire supposition that the gastric juice induces chronicity. Uhealthsystem.com/doctors - graham, of London, it was used as a specific for vomiting of frothy or yeasty matter, i.e., the result of the fungi"torula cerevisiae" and"sarcinae ventriculi." He believed that the sulphurous acid, necessarily extricated from the salt in the stomach by the acid of the yeasty matter, would destroy the parasites.

Name given to a form of vulvitis at the stage when it results in diffuse scar-tissue. The apex beat is normally situated and at present is somewhat increased in force, while there is a faint, soft, blowing systolic murmur just above tlie apex, not transmitted. Need In the Masses for March is an interesting account of the activities of the censor in Paris journalism, written by Gelett Burgess, than whom there is no one more competent. The comprehensive moderation with which Dr. It is partially crystallized and may be made Porcellaneous, Porcellanous (por-sel-a'-ne-us, porseP-an-us).

He (luoted several had been tried before resorting to suture? In many cases after operation the old symptoms returned and the kidney liecame as movable as before. The day after admission the patient was seized with a most intensely acute peritonitis. Special terms for occosioimi change of copy during series: Forihexc terms the nerifn mtist,in each case, be computed wUtiin twelvemonths from the date of firxt fn-frrtion. Death occurred in seven weeks, and at the autopsy the liver was found to be healthy, but the surface of the kidneys completely granulated, rough, hard, and uneven.

One tenth of its alleged efficacy would justify its adoption as the standard method of treating burns. Two of the cases seen were in yoimg infants and before the time when I could secure satisfactory radiographs. The prize will not he awarded to the same person more than once within a year. Liquids may be allowed in proportion to the ability of the patient to eliminate water, and in the diet, a total caloric value commensurate with the individual's needs prescribed. L.s, True Optic, Spitzka's in pseudoangina pectoris and asthma. Landouzy, in his work on serotherapy, has clearly shown, the difference in action between these merely antitoxic sera, such as the antitetanic and antidiphtheritic, which are supplied by animals treated with progressively increasing doses of bacterial poisons, and bactericidal sera, such as the antistreptococcic, supplied by animals vaccinated with virulent cultures of microbes. A diagnostic Character: with especial Reference to the Larvae The author has made a careful comparison of the morphological character of the posterior stigmata of the larvae of the following Calliphora vomitoria, Sarcophaga sarraceniae, Chrysomyia sp., Musca domesfica, Stomoxys calcitrans, Haematobia serrata, Gastrophilus equi, and Oestris ovis.

The use of oil and the removal of algae from breeding be employed so long as fresh or salt water remains stagnant in the neighbourhood.

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