Paul Guersant: it consists in arming the tube with an ordinary gum elastic catheter projecting some centimeters from the inferior opening of the tube. The little patient recovered rapidly, and thenceforth he was safe from small-pox, and even unsusceptible inoculated him with matter from a case of confluent small-pox, discontinue inoculation, as we had obtained a supply of vaccine virus, and the epidemic of small-pox seemed as if it were on the in certain counties that persons who contracted cow-pox from cows were permanently protected from small-pox, whether exposed to its contagion, or inoculated with its virus.

Momentary boiling of the venom does not impair its activity, but prolonged boiling for days destroys its virulence. If the patient turn well upon the left side in such a position that the chest overhangs the edge of the bed, the apex impulse of the heart, which is thrown more directly against the chest wall, becomes more forcible and may be more easily studied by the hand and the stethoscope. Ucompare - in England he first called attention to it his operation of"Tracheotomy without tubes," which he many By invitation, he attended the meeting of the British Medical in the meetings of the International Medical Congress of that Massachusetts Eclectic Medical Journal. Girl, aged twenty, supposed to be seven months pregnant. For keeping, the seed should be cleaned, dried and kept close in a glass bottle. Wallace, of Boston, all of whom spoke highly of this treatment from their personal experience. Grains ol the balsam, so that the doee can be measured with great ease; tbey dissolve rtadiiy in ibe stomach, and are sure not to pass off bv the iniestinnl canal, as is almost always the cmo wHb lbs Alibert, MM. PHTsiciAifi In any section of the United States can procure ten qnills charged with Puss VAccm THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Is published every Wednesday, bj much interesting information elicited. It leaves the parts in condition for perfect drainage. Kendall while working on the cases of infantilism described bottle-fed infants.

It is doubtless true that in every instance, of all who live to tell the tale of an inherited or acquired tendency to pulmonary emphysema and of its banishment, we would find a history of either an enforced or a voluntary change from an in door to an outdoor life, with some radical modification of the living habits of the individual, especially in the matter of his The writer recalls the case of a cousin who was killed in California by being rolled down a mountain's side under a drive of logs.

Mercurials, antimonials, cicuta, digitalis, animal charcoal, and iodine.


The animals were placed with a male, and after some months one of them had young, and it was then killed. The disease, however, does not generally extend, and may remain stationary: sometimes, however, even when only the epidermis has been removed, we see the dermis become at once covered with a white plastic exudation, similar to that observed upon surfaces to which blisters have been applied. This state, I have reason to believe, may be often prevented from occurring, by a timely attention to procuring sleep; for a patient in fever, who has passed several sleepless nights, is ou the verge of cerebral congestion or inflammation, as is testified by headach, wandering, and the redness of the conjunctiva. The muscular growth begins at once; the size of the body increases; the circumference of the limbs is greater; the chest is enlarged, and the weight is, augmented. In the branching coral, we have also the image of the arbor vitas of the cerebellum. Nor can we imagine a reason for this structure, on the supposition of the image impressed on the retina being the cause of the sensation or perception of the outward object. Class is divided the members of a medical group serve for three months as clinical clerks in the medical wards of the Hospital. But as this uterine washing should be performed by the practitioner in person, except in the rare event of the nurse being equally as well qualified to perform it, I see no objection to the operator cleansing his hands and finger nails with a nail-brush and i-iooo solution of the mercuric bichloride, since harm could hardly result, and its antiseptic and germicidal qualities exceed those of any other Beyond, this position may become an important item. I., consisting of delegates from most of the New England States and New York. During the war a male negro, aged fifty-five, who had wetnursed all the children of his mistress, was exhibited to medical classes in holdings some of the northern cities. At the end of a week he began to suffer severely from depression, with frequent freely found by all tests.

If the lymph vessels within the abdominal parieties receive actual rupture, or obstruction, the llc fluid is more or less white or milky. Upon visiting my patient at his home, I found that he always expectorated on the walls, floors, and in the corners of his apartment, the place of special selection being under his bed.

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