This commission, after a conscientious examination, extending over three years, of all the malarious localities in the province of Rome, has just published its report,- the conclusions of which are entirely in accord with the facts of universal experience. Felix Semon, of London, read a paper on Laryngeal Paralysis, wliich contained many points of interest. Certain notable additions have been made to surgical literature during the last few months. Two years afterwards, this swelling had increased considerably, and an abscess had formed which discharged freely; but the swelling remained larger than before, causing great pain in swallowing. Lu these days of clinical and literary activity, one of the main lessons which the teacher should impress upon the student, is the habit of careful, accurate, aiid truthful observation. Wherever the tuberculous process has become established, it is distinguished by the development of tubercles, and this in the lymphatic vessels as well as the glands.

In other cases it is evidently in part of inflammatory origin, being opaque and containing large flakes of inflammatory lymph, sometimes even pus; when this is so, it will often be found that the lining membrane of the ventricles is much thickened and shows distended vessels.

In the course of another week there had sprouted up from the bottom of this wound a fibroid fungous mass a quarter of an inch in height. Swelling of the left side of the face and erysipelas supervened, necessitating incision and the insertion, occurred, which was arrested by pressure.

Valuable adjoining property lor the addition of several wards and the enlargement of the present: - they assert that in some, not all, towns where notification has been tried the results have not fulfilled the expectations of the promoters. This mode of ana-sthesia, in M. Process of time, destroyed the hip joint and set up an extensive cellulitis of the thigh, with destruction of the upper portion of the femur. With the elucidation of the kinetics involved in the renin-angiotensin system has come the recent demonstration of a most important diagnostic test for Renin was first demonstrated to be an enzyme elaborated by the ischemic was later found to be the juxtaglomerular cells in the afferent glomerular renal perfusion pressure and intravascular volume changes as well as being intimately associated with renin release. In which there is no visible convulsion. Relapses are more frequent, probably much more frequent, under this than the older modes; the salicyl compounds do not arrest or control the rheumatic inflammation of the endo- or pericardium, though on this point therapeutists are divided; hyperpyrexia is not always prevented; the average some evidence that the salicylate treatment actually prolongs the time spent in hospital; and, lastly, there are often unpleasant or even serious eflTects from the use of the drug. Burnett as a text-book, a review, such as might have been appropriate to the first edition, would be superfluous, and in justice to the reader all that is required is a notice of such changes as have made the newer edition In the chapters on Anatomy and Physiology, Dr.

This is another instance of the evil consequences of an endeavor, on the part of a very unskilful man, to remove a foreign body from the ear before it has been ascertained whether or not a foreign substance is really in the organ. Wallace, New Albany, alternate A. The value of such facts is next inquired into, as objections to the current doctrine that the disease does possess the property of contagiousness. After this, for four weeks, the woman suffered a great deal of pain and nervous prostration, sleep being almost impossible. Baron Mundy, of Vienna, and Dr. In children the development of the brain may be arrested, and imbecility be the consequence.

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