The distribution seemed to appear most commonly over the liver and next in frequency over the spleen or over both.

These observations, in the writer's opinion, prove that the characteristic x-ray appearance of the stomach in duodenal ulcer is not due to the ulcer as it is present before the ulcer develops and after it is healed. Transactions of the Grant College Medical Society.

The following motion was then proposed and carried by unanimous vote: That in view of the valuable services of Maxwell G.

In the steamy, sticky atmosphere of Manila, colds are easily engendered in overheated, perspiring bodies exposed to prevailing winds, and when the bronchial infection is tubercular, it may, according to one school, lead to pulmonary infection, a nidus for tubercle. Mandl on the Chemical Analysis of the Blood in a Pathological Archives de Medicine, for the latter months of last year, on this very difficult but very important and interesting subject. There are one or two points whicii I might mention in this regard. Tupincho.es - i have no means of knowing precisely how many lunatics are in the State. There should be one good, bright window from which all lace curtains have been removed. Without doubt the schizomycetes cannot fail to withdraw from the blood certain substances requisite for their nutrition and their life; but they may do this without producing qualitative changes or profound chemical metamorphoses in the same way in which chemical transformations are observed to take place in fermenting liquids. Nor could the bile be expressed back to the liver with the finger, but returned at once as soon as the finger was removed. The temperature may fall two or three degrees, the pulse becomes softer, and the patient appears to be better.

Limited at this moment to the few who are susceptible to it, hypnotism must become still more limited as enlightenment goes on.

This notion seemed somewhat confirmed by the opinion expressed by one of my medical colleagues (who kindly saw the patient at my request), that the case was indistinguishable from one of ordinary hemiplegia in connection with apoplexy, and he was disposed to think that the history of the injury, as a cause of the symptoms, arose from a mistaken notion by the bystanders of the sequence of events. Elateriunif or the squirting cucumber, is extensively employed in dropsy as a cathartic by the medical profession; but its direct tendency upon the constitution is to prostrate the digestive When this occurs in infants, as it sometimes does at birth, it is called congenital hydrocele. Many a uterus had been sacrificed when myomectomy would have sufficed.

Say twenty minims; but it is always useful to prevent the spot from being chafed.

It is made manifest either by a painful hepatic paroxysm or by an increase in the size of the liver, which may be very considerable. Contractions were not the cause of hunger pains.

Everything now is against success. These layers of wadding are to be pressed gently on to the stump with a gauze bandage in the usual manner for an amputation dressing. Slight amount of tenderness in the right and left inguinal regions. When the peripheral end of the severed nerve was stimulated, the ear became blanched, owing to a constriction of the blood vessels. " Qui neutequam Tiedemann and Seubert were present at this experiment, and the autopsy made in their presence demonstrated that all of the roots of the spinal nerves had been cut, and that the vagus remained untouched on both sides. Genitourinary f u n ctions previously disturbed.

Patients often lose much flesh and strength from this comparatively trivial ailment. The general preventive measures are described and there is a good discussion of the treatment of the disease.

Mayo, Harvey Cushing, John Annals of Surgery is to be published and this will be of the greatest value in looking up surgical literature since the Annals has always represented a very high plane of surgical progress. It is desirable, for instance, on closing the wound.after extirpation of the breast and axillary glands, to make an opening in the posterior wall of the axilla and introduce a drainagetube, to prevent infiltration beneath the latissimus dorsi. This was done, and fluid was let out of a purulent character.

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