Thus we cannot make any decided conclusion as to the stomach-secretion by this Another simple method originated with Edinger." This thread, which he caused his patient to swallow. It is, indeed, easy to prepare both sets of figures, as was done by Gull and Sutton. By improvement or apparent recovery. The fluid is then very generally of a red or brown colour; indeed, so much haemorrhage sometimes takes place that coagula of considerable size are formed.

Man, twenty-three years of age, who for several years had had attacks of pain in the left side, with occasional passage of bloody urine: fake. S., who has just voluntarily resigned his appointment as a district he is entitled to have the amount of the deductions for superannuation forfeits all claim to superannuation, but the guardians may, if they see fit, return to him all or part of his contributions under the Act. The committee would therefore suggest the expediency of some action on the part of the association, by which encouragement will be held out to such schools as term to eight months, with not more than four lectures per diem at any period of the course, and not more than three to such schools of the whole ground work of elementary medical education, and the subsequent transference of the advanced pupils to schools, whether private or public, in which they should be taught to make practical application of the principles which they had previously acquired. Foreign bodies in the duci may be removed by free purging, aided by the liberal use of alkaline mineral waters, in critical cases the operation of cholccystotomy has been practised. Oough mar be jiresent or absent, and in some instances is attended by a acanly mncoid expectoration that may rarely be blood-streaked. He had been dressing the wounds of a number of Royal Scots Fusiliers, and when shot was kneelin;,' down attending a wounded man. This association between the insanities, the nervous diseases, the arthritiems, the tumours, and the morbid phenomena of antenatal life has been strongly It will, therefore, be of the greatest importance for the progress of antenatal pathology for observers to investigate the medical history of morbiparous and monstriparous mothers along the lines which have been suggested. And when the extraordinary abundance of lakes and large bodies of water throughout eastern Canada is called to mind, and the relatively small proportion of the country that has undergone full drainage and full cultivation, the gradual disappearance of the disease becomes a problem difficult to solve. Augagneur, Chief Surgeon to the Antiquaille Hospital, id Professor of Surgical Pathology in the Medical Faculty Lyons, has been elected Mayor of Lyons. The existence of such lesion was far more readily explicable by supposing it to have been accidentally occasioned by post-mortem hard substance, at the time that he plunged into the water, supposing suicidal drowning to have been the cause of death. In these three cases the hemorrhage was completely controlled by nitrogen injection and no ill effect came from the extra work thrown upon the other lung. But it was hard on the surgion to compel him to work with an equipment which fell far short of the standard that should be aimed at in a modern operating theatre, and it was by no means to the advantage of the patient.

Frequently spasm is excited on attempts at deglutition, and the food may be at once regurgitated. They were diphtheria and proper cases for hospital treatment more than a week after their removal to that institution.

Or, again, it may discharge itself into the stomach, duodenum, or colon.

The relations of the stomach and heart through the pneumogastric nerve are very intimate, and thus we can understand how one organ participates in the weaknesses and disturbances of the other.

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