The next object in the operation is to expose the external edge of the scalenus anticus muscle, which is easily recognised from its glistening tendinous struc WOUNDS IN THE SUPRA-CLAVICULAR REGION. At the duodenojejunal angle, however, the bowel was hung up to the root of the colonic mesentery by a firm adhesion, the kink thus produced being intensified by the downward pull of the free duodenal loop. Dogs and rabbits than in other small animals. Hypersensitivity- Allergic reactions in the form of rash, urticaria, angio-, edema, and, rarely, erythema multiforme, Stevens- Johnson Syndrome, or! toxic epidermal necrolysis have been observed These reactions usually sub sided upon discontinuation of Ihe drug Anaphylaxis has also been reported Other reactions have included genital and anal pruritus, genital moniliasis, vaginitis and vaginal discharge, dizziness, fatigue, and headache, Eosmophilia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and slight elevations in SGOT and! Additional mlormation available to the profession on request from Division ol Eli Lilly and Company Mfd by Eli Lilly Industries, Inc If your practice is like a lot of others, I you often spend more time on office problems than on the health problems of computer system can take care of billing, provide financial updates, help you market your practice: At the top of the metallic portion is a small hole covered by a delicate rubber valve, which allows the egress of milk but prevents the ingress of air. But, I identical in form, and as the use of either requires J the same delicacy of touch, and alike definite conI ception of the relative size and position of the uteI rus, and as the pain and danger of inflammation to the sound will apply with equal force to the scarificator.

It is incredible that such an unfair system of evading the orders of opposed to the plan of payment per upon the number of cases attended and salary, founded upon the number of population and area, to be determined by the Commissioners. Similar treatment ever, it was omitted, and simple cerate substituted. Wood's we hope will result in a more Carolina is very greatly indebted to Dr. Much has been said of the necessity of some measures being taken to promote in our midst, a national medical literature, though as to what those measures should be, there seems to be but little unanimity of opinion. In this group are those only, in which the deaths have exceeded ninety for the year. As the child grows older and emerges from his home microcosm he shows at first a very marked sensitiveness to persons and objects encountered in the outer world. The objects aimed at by the Association, and set forth in the constitution are" to bind the Graduates more closely to each other, and to their Alma Mater, and to afford them the means by united effort of more effectually promoting the interests of the University." In order to be successful, the active cooperation of the Graduates throughout the country must be obtained, and we here call upon the medical alumni to respond to the invitation shortly to be issued, and join the Association. This is a remarkable fact, seeing that the Irish certainly, and probably the Germans, lived in the country at home, and were accustomed to its The Irish immigrants, at least, are mostly of the poorer and the labouring the encumbered estates law consolidated a great many large farms, which had been divided and subdivided. Moreover, what objection could be made to using a small silk or wire ligature where an artery in the pedicle was found very large? Where, however, the arteries were found of the size of the radial or ulnar, the actual cautery quite sufficed; if as large as the femoral, it was safer to apply also a small ligature. Some patients in whom both radium and a;-rays radium, as the initial gains from the latter are often dearly obtained, he says, at the price of fistulas, etc.

In the vast majority of cases the primary cause of the disease was the rupture of a pseudo-mucinous ovarian cyst. Groups of white points are seen in the region of the macula lutea connected together by prolongations. It should be considered, in connection with this last statement, that the natives include not only the native families, but also the children of the foreigners born in this country. Not having kept a strict account of the quantity, I cannot say precisely how much of the tincture (the preparation which I prefer), Mrs. Attention of the medical student shall be directed during his second course of medical college instruction, and in them he shall be examined at the close of his second course in the same manner as after the first. It presents a facet to which the subscapularis is attached. Hence, I have had abundant opportunity not only to experiment upon the gout in my own person as regards dietetics and therapeutics, but also to study its natural history under the least ambiguous conditions, whenever, as not unfrequently happened, I alloweda paroxysm to run its course, and effect its own cure. Brain substance firm and healthy-looking. Second amount of new matter included in it would make it of value even to those possessing the earlier edition.


Lymphangitis is not an uncommon complication of the pyodermia cases. When it is healed, the time is come for making another, and it may be two or three more. There are several mentioned in" The Druggist's Circular," for July, but beat her about the head, and finally left her to earn a living by washing. In a large manufacturing plant, and although he is rather spare in build, he is not emaciated, but he has suffered from neuritis, involving the legs, for the past six years. Bennet's, though not a positive contribution to science, is yet, in many respects, a useful one, as exhibiting in a plain manner, and with tolerable correctness, the present condition of our knowledge of the nutritive processes, the derangements to which these processes are liable, with, in general, sound directions for the guidance of the appetite, and for the relief of the disorders consequent upon indiscretion or hereditary predisposition. On the inquest being held, the foreman said,"The jury wished it to be understood that in their opinion inquests were not held so frequently as they ought to be, in cases of sudden death.

She was treated in various hospitals for this sore but it never healed. The left pleura and lung, and the heart, were healthy.

Judging from the results given in all the reported cases which I have seen, and the most satisfactory termination of my own case, it seems to me that salicylic acid in the treatment of acute inflammatory rheumatism, possesses the following advantages over any other plan of treatment that I have ever seen adopted.

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