Telynwr y Bryuniau, n celebrated Welsh harpist, played some Welsh airs and were shown, by the aid of the oxhydrogen-lantcrn, by ilrs. There will be a ball in the armory and a promenade on the campus, given by physicians of Minneapolis. We need to appreciate that with recognition there is an associated responsibility and that we must make out (onti iltulion toward the oveiall welfaie of medical.stience. They were full of his struggles with his father. It is mild, dry and Arizona is the moft favored. That view opened up an immense field of inquiry, and would, no doubt, lead the members to be thcij- own experimentalists. In cooperation with the Arkansas THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY LOCATION OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL STOCKPILE whole issue of Archives of Internal Medicine has may be associated with renal disease due to failure to re-use iion, faidty function of the bone marrow and hemolytic breakdown of cells. The hesitation increases, and instead of a steady flow of modulated articulate sounds, speech is broken up into a succession of irregular, jerky, syllabic fragments, without modulation, and often accompanied by a tremulous vibration of the voice.

A few words in regard to the use of thermo light and X-ray exposure. The Alarcjuis of Bute, to whom Cardiff is greatly indebted for its present prosperity, showed his interest in the proceedings by ordering that Cardiff Castle should be open to the members at and by inviting a large party of members and their friends to a sumptuous luncheon on Saturday, in the picturesriue ruins of Caerphilly Castle. Opinie - he was a man of great vivacity and indefatigable energy, who always enjoyed life, which he never tOM( too seriously.

Measles and the first and second standards.seems to go together as a matter of course, and the other diseases of the febrile school-life." Would that wo could imprint these significant words deep, very deep, in the minds of school-raanagcra'.

First, this is one of the most important subjects that will be under discussion at this or any other meeting, because of the fact that it always has been of great interest and will be as long as we continue to practice medicine. The procedure most commonly advised is scraping of the nail until it becomes as thin as is bearable in his own case by scraping the nail and Roentgen-ray is also of value.

Writer's cramp is a disease chiefly of the male sex. These investigations confirm and extend the observations of others with regard to the formation of specific precipitins in the blood serum of animals treated with various serums. , into ophthalmic practice seems to be of at least e jual value with those I have just mentioned.

The hotel orchestra played lor datuing in the.Medical Society and tlie Woman's.Auxiliary to Mrs. The subject has been well covered and synchronous with Osier, Jaccoud," in a clinical lecture, has given a most interesting discussion. Vaughan, reporting attempts at isolation of the toxins from the bacilli cells, is mentioned and the facts learned in regard to the substance obtained are here summed up in the following: not, at least under ordinary circumstances, diffuse into the heated to a high temperature in water without destruction of walls and lessens, but does not destroy, the toxicity of the of the latter with hydrochloric acid, and pepsin is markedly active.

Its adiumistratiou Las made it possible to wait for some hours until the condition of the patient has improved sufdciently to allow of surgical measures being employed, as in the following case: penetrating wound of the thigh with fracture of femur.

In certain of its departments, both in medicine and in other branches of study, the University of Glasgow had men of European fame.

Since the tuberculous nature of pleural scars and calcified glands has been known primary tuberculosis of the pericardium has not been reported. Ju bis account of expiration Professor Bowen repeats tbe erroneous statement, so common in o.o. even our best textbooks, that expiration is a purely physical, not a muscular, act. In these cases the infection was already established even to the stage of intoxication and septicaemia. Or the record of their successes would have been permanent Motion and the proper amount of force directed, as desired and when desired, are al)solutely essential to the permanent success of any form of mechanical help in the reduction of congenital dislocation of the hip. The first and second molais have two fangs in the lower jaw, sometimes convergent, and occasionally divergent, placed an-' teriorly and po.steriorly.


A swelling over the right wrist appeared about was evidently related to the pressure of the cane upon which the patient bore heavily when walking. The cases here referred to were sporadic cases and the mode of infection is unknown. The physical examination was negative save for a severe, moist and scaling eczema, covering the entire face anl extending on to the neck. The early impairment of pulmonary movement and the translucent on inspiration are of some value in doubtful cases: