The whole herb and root possess similar virtues to the common mallow.

Davis holds wie opinion that synostosed bones are unusually prevalent in the JDany cases influence the brain, by arresting its development, appears to me equally indisputable.

So great has been the improvement in medical affairs since that period the death rate of the wounded in the Japanese Army in the recent war with Russia was practically nothing. The lethal dose of either of the above compounds of lead is not known, certainly it is not small, as cases are reported in causing death,' and one case' of a woman who took three-quarters of a pint of the solution of the subacetate, containing about females who took lead carbonate to cause abortion are reported: Freyer's case is therefore the only recent one in which the dose of" Eau de M. One other point in regard to scopolamine and gas: But a very small amount of gas is needed to produce deep ansestheeia in these scopolaminized another interesting fact is that, although they be wide awake and apprehensive, once you get them to sleep with nitrous oxide you can take off the nitrous oxide and they will remain asleep a long time, but if you wake them by a painful stimulation it may again become You will notice the white wheal which appears at once with the proper introduction of the novocaine solution into and not beneath the skin.

Beneath this scab the ulcer continues to penetrate more and more profoimdly. At the end of about three months, he died from a strangulated hernia of the stomach, which had passed through the wound of the diaphragm into the thorax. It is very important for them to avoid taking cold after bathing, and it would be well to give them a blanketsweat.

By evaporation in shallow vessels, at a heat conducted the operation on a pretty large Camphor is not soluble in water in any preceptible degrees, though it communicates lis smell to that fluid, and may be burned as it floats on its surface.

This conclusion is plausible when we thinls: of the time that must be devoted to the study of all of these essential sciences and that when a student incorporates a college course of the old type with his technical education the greatest efforts of his life have been exerted before he begins the practice of medicine. You need a Home and an Office Combined, It should be a home with all your usual comforts so that you may be in the proper mental frame to look after your business. I don't believe it is we will remove what ought to be removed and we will follow it with the X-Eay, and it will do the rest. Gaubius, who gives this account, compares its action to that of Simarouba, but thinks it more efficacious of the neck.) Lophia. Johns Hopkins Hospital eight weeks ago, complaining of headache, general bodily pains and swelling of his legs. Lacticus by Kruse and Heinemann), and the Streptococcus pyogenes, which is evidently the organism meant under the term" pathogenic Streptococci." This point is important from a public health standpoint. As the gastro-intestinal tract shows the effect of toxic absorption, the temperature may rise abruptly, the tongue become furred, headache marked, and a general condition of malaise supervene ( It is well adapted, we may remark, to serve both as an introduction to the study of comparative anatomy, and to the study of the more elaborate and standard works on dental surgery. Besides these, gonorrheal arthritis, and syphilitic periostitis could in this comiection he illustrated, but will refer to them more especially under differential diagnosis. Longitudinal furrow; as in Plantago maritima. Gibbon: It gives me a great deal of pleasure, as of the First Presbyterian church of this city, who will lead us Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we acknowledge Thee as the Father of Life, from whom cometh down every good and perfect gift, and we thank Thee for all the treasures of wisdom which Thou hast laid up in the book of nature for our discovery; we thank Thee for the ability which Thou hast given men to delve into the secrets of nature and to learn the things which Thou hast prepared there for the healing of mankind; we thank Thee that Thou hast called these Thy servants into this sacred profession of heading; and we pray Thee that Thou wilt grant to every man who has undertaken this solemn and responsible merely upon human skill and wisdom, but upon the Divine Spirit, who interprets the book of nature as well as the book of Revelation; and we pray Thee, our Father, that they may be directed in all their researches; that their hands may be guided in all their works, and that their lives and their energies may be directed to the alleviation of pain, to the heal ing of diseases, to the smoothing of the dying pillow, to the betterment of their fellow-men and to the glory of God; that every man may feel that it is his high and sacred calling, and may his life and his work be consecrateu to Thee. Grenerally we may readily restore the sunken fundus to its position, but it sinks back again to its former place when we let go of it.

The sodium bromide is the best; potassium bromide is distinctly more disagreeable; strontium bromide is expensive, and the reason for its lack of disagreeable stomach eifects is that it is Jappelli, Antonio: Experimental research on sodium bromide and Loeb and AVasteneys: Contribution to the toxicology of sodium Editorial: Review of an unusual manifestation of the toxic action Spivak, Louis J.: A study of the results obtained from sodium Cuthbertson, William: Sodium cacodylate gives excellent results in the treatment of erythema, more especially of the angioneurotic The British and South African Export Gazette states that deposits of sodium carbonate amounting to millions of tons have been Wegscheider, Rud.

Children sometimes gathered the cottony fruits of the cottonwood before they were scattered by the wind and used them as gum for chewing. It immediately pro-' duced severe pain all over the body, as if the person were laid on afire or upon needles, which constantly increased in spite of the external application of remedies, and over most of the body the cuticle was raised in blisters.

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