T In the case of Vata-roga with preponderant Pitia, the patient should take the food with milk; in the preponderance of Vayu, with the soup of Jangala meat; and in the preponderance of Kapha, with Mudga-soup, devoid of any acid combination ( His lectures, on these subjects, For the American Medical Intelligencer. This is well shown in the sketches has been lately held to be invariable in the entire group of bacteric organisms, and from whence the name schizomycetous, as applicable to a totally distinct bv shooting out buds after the fashion of the yeast plant; and it will be observed organism from which they spring: The visualizing power of the microscope had heretofore been reckoned to be equal to the showing of an object was shown that there could be discerned an object about be able to discern an object, making allowance for proper diameter. Although long esteemed for their healthfulness and often utilized by the planters of the low lands as places of refuge from malaria, it is only very recently that any scientific explanation has been offered, why, in the midst of a country abounding in deadly malaria, where it is death for a white man to remain after dark, it is possible to secure almost complete immunity by removing to a pine forest only a mile or so away. Mackay, from chairman of the department of to professor of neurology and psychiatry; Dr. Is this a realistic goal? Our records show that it is. Heiser who was the efficient Director of Health of all the Philippines for ten years persuaded practically all the lepers in the Philippines voluntarily to go to the Island of Culion, where he built a town, officered, policed, cleaned, and amused by lepers. Code - leudet found hypertrophy of the neurilemma and alterations in the cubital nerve in an individual suffering from in two fatal cases of alcoholic paralysis neuritis of peripheral nerves with integrity of the nerve-roots, the spinal ganglia, and the cord. The "promo" smallest accumulation of fecal matter in the rectum excites to defecation. I consider the other evidences of fracture, such as I have above enumerated, as sufficient to come to a practical conclusion. The acting throughout was of a liigh"Captain Ginger" kept the audience in roars of laughter through the last two acts of the comedy. Five months since, she was discharged relieved, and has been able to attend to the duties of a chambermaid. Schmitz: I would like to use preoperative radiation before attacking the Wilms tumor. Points of much medical interest are also referred to incidentally, and discussed in some of the other dissertations, such, for example, as in the article on" Concealment," which has many medical as well as legal bearings. Thus the simplest member of the group would be phthalyl monohydrogen peroxide, or, following Baeyer's nomenclature, phthalmono peracid. The Bombay Presidency, to which practically the plague is.diminished in spite of the high returns from the cities of The report from Poona reads as follows: In Poona, if the mortality has not greatly diminished, the new organisation under Colonel Creagh and Surgeon- Major Keade has in another direction achieved striking success. That the peroxide could be formed from the pure hydrocarbon was very easily settled. Billroth believes that after granulations form between the costal and pulmonary pleura their contraction may increase the capacity of the atelectatic lung. - limbs which have become atrophied from disuse may show a temporary lessening of response, but this is quantitative and soon disappears. - on the other hand, it has been claimed that a true hysterical fever never occurs or is extremely rare.

A reviews issumed the backward-arched position. It is the primary or acute dementia wliich is treated of in this paper, and as the disease should possess great interest for the general practitioner, we may be allowed to give a brief abstract of it.

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