The substance of his remarks is given at length elsewhere. Through the breaking of a rope, a cage with four men was precipitated to the bottom of the pit, and they sustained fracture above the ankle-joint in each case. Lebaude at once displayed a white handkerchief, but in vain, for a second shot traversed his breast, inflicting a wound of which he died within twenty-four hours.

These six patients took large doses of the alkaloid, from three ataxic or neuralgic parts.

Tlie normal temperature of animals is taken per rectum, or occasionally per vaginara. After teaching one Winter he decided to seek the West for the completion of his medical education and the subsequent practice of his chosen calling.

The now rapidly growing popular method of infecting the organism with the same toxic or inimical causation, pathocausative, diluted or possibly modified by poisoning animals with it, and using the blood-serum of the infected animal as an immunizing agent, is certainly not to be commended from a physiomedical view-point. In the posterior (superior) region of the pons, under the flcor of the fourth ventricle, near the median line, there is a lengthened mass of motor gray matter, whence arise the original fibres of the sixth, seventh, and motor root of the trigeminus nerves.


In regard to athetosis, when it is due to cortex irritation, and probably it is in the majority of cases, and certainly so if associated with epilepsy, removal of the cortex centre is indicated. It does not, however, by any means follow that some cases of achylia gastrica might not be complicated or rather caused The following case that was observed for several years, and on which ultimately an autopsy was made, will be of great interest with regard to the point in Mrs.

In the later stages, however, the cervix becomes invaded, and nodules appear in the uterine walls and surrounding lymphatics. Many of these preparations are attentively from the convexity of right hemisphere, near the termination of fissure of Eolando, at the great longitudinal fissure. Lecturer on Botany in the School of Medicine, and Surgeon to the Dispensary, Leeds Atkinson, Edward T. On the same evening, the Obstetrical Society begins the session at the College uf Physicians; be found elsewhere for anatomical studies, for practice in operative surgery, and for the observation of disease. While the remissions were somewhat more manifest there was exhibited a most unusual and (to me) unequal disproportion between the pulse and the temperature. He introduoed a method which to us now seems so logical that it is a surprise that it was not employed earlier. Catharsis, diaphoresis, venesection, and diuresis, as well as oxygen and dry fresh air for inhalation, have been recommended and employed. Its classes hundred students annualK-. During a life too soon cut short, he had published several useful memoirs on the subject Moore had earned a distinguished reputation by his very able scientific investigations, more especially on the nature and treatment of malignant disease. In all fourteen doses were taken, but no physiological effects of the drug Avere for four weeks, pain beginning in the right side, then passing to the left temporal and frontal region, and also affecting the left arm. After an hour's boiling the small jars are taken out and their caps tightened. The supernatant fluid should be clear after the ml in each of the remaining tubes. Add a drop or until there is produced a faint pink color that persists in degrees. Was of a long line of Episcopalians, from early childhood review she was practically interested in missionary work.

Of tincture of aconite root, beginning with four doses the first hour, two the second, and one each subsequent hour till relieved or physiological effects A.M., when, with slight return of pain, she awoke, took two doses, and slept Last winter she suffered two weeks from a similar attack, and has been subject to neuralgic pains at other times, usually a result of exposure to cold.

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