Severe wounds have responded to treatment in a manner which has surprised everyone having experience of surgical injuries.

Castex's clinic, recognized perforation of both membrana tympani, but The occurrence of this double purulent otitis independent of all anterior disease in a woman in constant contact for three days with a subject of pneumonia attracted the speaker's attention, and led him to think of the possibility of direct contagion.

Clinically this was a typical case of the kind described bv Dr.

The decision has to be made as to between astragalectomy with free division of the resisting soft structures and amputation. This was controlled by pressure witli sponges in the wound. Beef tea should be sparingly used, lest it excite diarrhea. Although beta blockers should be avoided in overt congestive heart failure, if necessary, they can be used with close follow-up in patients with a history of failure who are well compensated, and are receiving digitalis and diuretics. Hours, however, passed without their return, and Gunning, having at last been found, said he was too much occupied. Under a low magnification the most striking feature is the occurrence of large irregular spaces, which contain fluid blood, and in places occupy almost the whole of the microscopic field. No posture is comfortable, while every movement causes increased torment. Finally, iron the gloves with a smoothing iron moderately heated, taking the precaution to place a cloth or piece of paper over them, and they will look like new: The catheter was introduced into the bladder and ischio-rectal fossa, six months previous, had resulted in fistulous openings communicat ing with the rectum, complicated by external hsemorrhoids. The same statement is equally true of ipecac used alone.

He has discovered but three such cases.

THE MOST IMPORTANT SURGICAL INSTRUMENT types of surgical instruments, disposables "" and The instruments can be used immediately upon sterilization - no waiting! It is a cold sterilizer. Certainly, the helplessness of the spoon-fed, who never lose a drop and never take in more than they can comfortably assimilate, is in any case more deplorable than the results of an occasional case of mental indigestion due to untimely or too difficult endeavor.

This appeared to control the hemorrhage satisfactorily and the patient was drained. It is a composite tendency or impulse made up of many different instincts, tendencies, components, trends, or elements, which we find set free again in the sexual perversions which Freud explains as being but fixations at or regressions to former tendencies or predispositions. I desire to report a brilliant result followed the use of a stock vaccine. It is not like the changeable surface of the anterior portion of the abdominal trunk, which is made up maiidy of soft tissues on a base of yielding intestines that have a peristaltic motion, besides a continual change of contents in character, quantity and quality. Among these there were twenty brains of a normal appearance. Perforation of anterior wall of heart, the right ventricle being penetrated. A quarter of a grain of morphia may be ordered in a glass of hot toddy, or followed on the next day by the administration of such diaphoretics as liquor ammoniaj acetatis and spiritus setheris nitrosi; antimony, ipecacuanha, and occasionally aconite are useful in similar cases. London University and the Conjoint Board definitely require six months; at the Society of Apothecaries the subject has no independent standing: it figures incidentally in each of the clinical examinations.

Access to the medical faculty on the terms enjoyed by men was granted to women have reluctantly, one by one, adopted the same policy. The disease is more common in men than in women; more often seen in adult The nature of the cause must, to some extent, govern our treatment of diabetes cause often eludes our grasp or may be depend upon the general principles of dietetic and medicinal management.

It will render superfluous many of the older works on immunity, and it is difficult to see how a better and more instructive volume can be produced in the near future. As befitted the occasion, the speaker laid particular stress upon the progress of sanitation in the United States.

Part of the wall of a vascular space under a high magnification. In Italy the shall have authority to demand that natural ventilation be com insufficient where the total surface of apertures communicating A reasonably ample per capita air space is desirable from many standpoints; but the rigid application of the Pettenkofer formula in regard to per capita air supply involves needless expense and, as I shall point out, may involve real damage to health as well.

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