Holding the uvula firmly, and relaxed, releasing the Between the staffs of the claws is the staff of the knife (which is released by the cannula being pushed forward, lifting a catch) to which two rings are attached. Of the body, induced by a temperate or rather cold climate, is the same as that from a cold and dry atmosphere, provided the climate is dry as well as cold. Havard was enthusiastically applauded as he concluded the reading of his paper. " Although the acceleration of respiration is a powerful means of counteracting the effects of cold, by extending the contact of the air with the organs best adapted to feel its vivifying influence, this acceleration has its hmiis: it may diminish, but cannot compensate for the effects of excessive cold. These cases of malignant disease of the antrum were not usually diagnosticated until the disease was far advanced. (c) Many cases complain of numbness and coldness in the feet. The results of his investigations have been reported in the Official Gazette and a species of female mosquito belong-ing- to the Genus Anopheles, but not quite identical with those Anopheles concerning- which reports have been made by several American and European authors. If a history of hemorrhoids is secured, or if they are found on examination, it should not be forgotten that although their existence does not constitute a good cause for rejection, they often accompany liver, spinal cord, genitourinary, and uterine diseases. The technique, though difficult at first, became simple with repetition. The dust that remains after the decomposition of the body is really the excreta of these A French Physician, Dr. He had been frequently catheterized, owing to retention of urine. When, prom an accident, the coronary substance is permanently injured, it ceases to secrete sound horn, and a stripe of tho crust, defective in strength, runs all the way down from the coronet to the plantar edge. The only other case occurring in his own pract ice which was not due to direct outward violence, was in an aged but active farmer. Man, we gather, soon learnt by Bacchus's example to diagnose the internal condition of a wine- cask, and Hippocrates by and by bettered the instruction by determining the limits of the spleen by percussion. It may be of interest to dwell for a few moments upon the question of what strain of typhoid bacillus should be employed in the preparation of the sensitized vaccine. No explanation of the phenomenon could be given, although it seemed probable that the sound was connected with the carotid artery in its passage through the petrous bone in intimate relation with the tympanum. That these articles are well worded by conscientious practitioners in most instances no one will doubt, and to one unaccustomed to seeing the true pathology from a practical stand point, they carry with them weighty evidence that, with rare exceptions, all surgical procedures for the relief or cure of the same, are unnecessary and unwarrantable. It had been shown that the gonococcus disappeared with increasing rapidity as the years went by.

The remaining papers consist of an extract from an Essay on some of the Phenomena of Atmospheric Plectricify, by Luke Howard, on the same subject by the editor, (Dr. Assistant Surgeons are reimbursed from the funds of the Department of the Navy.

Sturmdorf meant a retroflexion he would discuss the subject from that standpoint, but what was wanted was the right name for these conditions. For the mode of applying it in be used with more freedom. - enough is known, however, to show that some horses of first-rate powers have come from the Canadian or Norman-French stock; some from the ordinary undistinguished country horse of the southernmost of the midland states; some from the Vermont family; some from the Indian pony; and lastly, some mainly, if not entirely, from the thoroughbred.

W., London, and that the treatment seems worthy of every investigation and will be cases there were no complications which he thought should be attributed to the method, though there latter case the patient's doctor had incised a periurethral abscess the day before sending him for treatment by electrolysis; hence it is a question as to which is responsible for the metastatic infection. That part of the book dealing solely with the urine is the result of a very thorough revision of the fourth edition of Husband's book on"The Urine in Health and Disease." It is a work that would be of service to all medical students.