There was no external injury of the head and the skull was not fractured. Dependence and tolerance may develop upon repeated administration; prescribe and administer with same caution appropriate to oral narcotics. To this case a supporting brace was applied, her head and shoulders were laid very low, and hep hips elevated above the shoulders, by ten inches of blocks under the feet of her bedstead, nothing else was done; in about thirty minutes she called for the chamber,and in about the same time ordered hot bottles taken from her feet,"they were too warm." This was followed by four evacuations per day, for four successive days. Question on Disallowance: Call or write nearest district office. A degenerate class of the priests of Fo and Taotse employchiefly charms and sudden agitation in order to drive away evil spirits, which, they declare, produce disease. When the general practitioner shall have been educated up to the degree Mr. Some of them would present one symptom more marked and another less, and vice versa. She was extremely ill, with sunken eyes and flushed face; the pulse about an ounce at a time of black shreddy fluid, which gave the guaiacum reaction for blood. The various parts of the body bear a relation to the four cardinal points of the compass and the zenith, which are to be strictly attended to. Withdrawal bleeding may occur during the rest period. In a few weeks the same disease manifested itself, and on the operation he speedily recovered, and enjoyed a comfortable state of had been operated upon, which gradually increased for several months, but did not necessitate him to abandon labor till the month of December.

By Alfred Swaine Physicians, London, etc.

Moss and Ackerman have written on plasma cell leukemia; their case was in an elderly male who developed a swelling in the region of the lower jaw as a localizing symptom. Thirdly, there are those cases in which the patient alternates between a state of comparative comfort, and one in which he appears to be extremely ill. Sternberg, deputy surgeon-general of the United States Army, who, during the epidemic, at the suggestion of the advisory committee of the Chamber of Commerce, and at the request of Dr. Upon the change of plan the young lady soon improved and Connected with the name of Dr. Rehkopf: All Merciful God and Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee for all that minister to the sick and the suffering, especially we pray for the doctors here assembled. She put out her tongue, which was slightly coated, and raised up her arms when ordered to do so, but it was utterly impossible to get her to utter a word. The Rural Medical Service Committee at which time the appointed committee will report a detailed plan for securing coordination of health activities in the rural areas. - emmet thought failure of ergot to bring about disintegration due more to not studying the character and situation of the fibroid than to the quality of the ergot employed.

On the contrary, however, toward night the dyspnoea began to return and after midnight became so urgent that oxygen inhalations were resorted to and the advisability of tracheotomy was considered. Demonstrator of Anatomy ond Assistant Lecturer on Clinical Surgery in the University of PennsylTania; one of the Surgeons of the Pennsylvania Hospital; and one of the Surgeons To the clamp there are objections, and these were soon discovered by Dr. These consisted mainly of daily red blood count, hemoglobin determination and the examination of blood smears for an abnormal number of erythroblasts. Hydrochloride of cocaine, after nine days, thousands were still alive. President, it is the recommendation of the Resolutions Commendation for Richard Meiling, M.D. Eale appearance, but no other symptoms of ill ealth, excepting an intense neuralgic pain in her breasts. Some things you should know about reducing your weight T IS an accepted medical fact that excess vvciglit can impair your hcaltli and efficiency, and possibly shorten your life.

This was soon followed by a second foetus, (precisely similar in size, sex and features,) together with a single placenta, one.

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