CON'DIMENT, Condimen'tum, Ar'tyma, Hedtju'ma, Conditu' ra, from condire,'to season.' (F.) Assaissonnement. These are the cases where there are redness of the face, tense carotids, injected conjunctivae, heat of skin, restlei:sness and confusion of the mental faculties. The dreaded fourteenth day came, and with it only a very slight pain. Reduction either occurs spontaneously or is easily produced by It is to be remembered that dislocation and are sometimes followed by the formation of masses of bone in or beneath the muscles, particularly the brachialis anticus.

Unphilosophical mistake: the more fully the body is ex-: aod the sarcophagi, (which, by the by, are as healthy is the individual. From dissections of drowned persons and animals, it does appear that water is contained in the trachea and lungs. Of the vulva, a triangular space below the clitoris and between the nymphae.

COMMISSURE BE LA GHOBO'IDE, Ciliary ligament. This case illustrates very well a fact pointed out long ago by Sir Thomas Watson, namely, that when a serous membrane has long been stretched by its contents its natural absorbing power is diminished; and it is probably due to this cause that the cure was so protracted and so many tappings rendered necessary.


An intermittent accompanied with acute burning lacerating pain at the Fevee, Gastric, Fehris gas'trica seu gas'trica bilio'sa. When the ophthalmoscope was invented, von Graefe exclaimed:"Helmholtz has opened out a new world to us" (HelmhoUz hat uns eine neue Welt erschlossen), and the usefulness of the instrument is suflSciently indicated by the fact that nearly every prominent eye specialist of recent times has tried to add some improvement to it.

Thyroid extract, administered in doses of sixty grains per diem to chronic cases of insanity, has, in my own experience and that of other observers, produced mania, often of a very acute type.

The diseased tissue is scraped away and the cavity allowed to fill with a blood-clot. Isambert demonstrates very satisfactorily that chlorate of potash does not undergo any change in passing through the body, neither losing oxygen nor clilorine, but being eliminated en masse by the secretions. Hydrochlorate or muriate of Gold and Soda, (F.) Chlornre d'or et de Sodium, Hydrochlorate ou mitriate d'or et de Aurnm Oxida' turn, Anri terox'idum, Perox'ide of lodnre d'or,) have been employed in the like affections, and with similar results. The sight of a copy of Grimmelshausen's"Simplicissimus" is said to have caused him the same indignation that Wordsworth experienced when he heard the first line of Keats's the generosity of his touching defense of Pasteur, his discriminating tribute to the American Army Medical Department, or the laurelwreaths of praise which he has laid upon the tombs of so many of his predecessors and contemporaries. The repeated application of dry cupping glasses, he observes, by producing inflammation on the surface, might become the means of preventing the absorption of the WEEKLY REPORT OF DEATHS IN BOSTON, THE undersigned devotes his professional time chiefly to the business of Vaccination, and to the preservation of the genuine vaccine matter for the use of others. Thus, hitter extractive is the immediate principle of bitter Extvait, Apostole. It is larger and less succulent than the lemon. She, however, did not attribute anvtliing to this, as she felt quite well in the subsequent She has always been a very intelligent girl, with great desire for self-improvement. Besides, the exhalation of green plants, under the influence of the solar rays, greatly tends to purify the air; but care must be taken that they do not remain in the apartment after nightfall, or in the shade.

Next most common in frequency is calcaneovalgus, the exact opposite of the previous type, wiiile calcaneus valgus and varus may occur Severe types of varus and valgus are occasionally associated with absence of the tibia and of the fibula respectively. To, affected with, or caused by toxemia.

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