I know that a physician of my acquaintance cured a case of epilepsy in this way, somewhat to his own surprise. The crusts water be used instead of common pump-water, the prescription will be thought the more elegant. Cases of -simple malarial infection, ague, are rarely fatal, and our knowledge of the morbid anatomy of the disease is drawn from the pernicious malaria or the chronic cachexia.

The operculum of a mollusc, stated by Dunglison to be inserted beneath the lids by the inhabitants of Guernsey to remove P.

Further we may conclude that the defences against invading organisms are far better developed in Vertebrates than in Invertebrates. In most of the London and in, perhaps, the majority of the hospitals in all parts of Great Britain in the charters of incorporation the duties of the hospitals are defined as applying only to the"poor" sick and disabled persons who should appear real objects of charity. Syphilitic disease of the nerve-centres occurs usually in the acquired form. On the other hand I have seen many in middle and in advanced life who seem to me to have in their earlier years found it difficult to conform their minds and bodies to the universal scheme; who have probably found it irksome to live in accordance with Nature's laws; who have as a result, been unhappy and dissatisfied with life; who have taken up, one after another, faith-cure, theosophy, spiritualism, etc., and are now trying Christian Science as the latest of these fads, to cast it aside in its turn as soon as they find it as great a delusion as its predecessors. There is a group of cases in which haemorrhage had occurred some days before. The patient feels very ill, there may be pains in the muscles and joints and sometimes delirium. Complicated with scurvy, commonly seen in sailors in long expeditions when insufiBciently provided with lime juice or other antiscorbutic Dysentery occurring in scattered cases in a community, which do not appear to have a common cause of origin. Lion name for the plants of the Genus Eryngium, especially the E. The section of supposed point of rupture of aneurysm showed nothing that could be safely interpreted as a point of rupture, although the wall was very much thinned. There is no preliminary catharsis. He had known instances where a robust peasant woman who did the family wash and all the other housework, when she became prosperous moved from her three-room cottage, and had nothing to do, developed nervous prosti-ation in a few years. An epithet of wine prepared from grapes that had been dried seven days and were pressed the breaking; from kXccw, to break.) A method of amputation, invented by Maisonneuve, in which the bone is first broken by an osteoclast, and an ecraseur being applied, the soft parts are divided with a bistoury; the fragments of bone are then breaking. At that time he had rheumatism, evidently articular, which lasted for three months.

I laid before you the reasons which satisfy me, that what is called the Egyptian ophthalmia is a contagious disease; and which make it probable that the complaint is capable of being propagated from person to person, through the medium of the air, without the necessity for any substantial application of the morbid secretion from a diseased to a sound eye. Pancreatic internal secretion favors the conversion of glucose to glycogen, or inhibits the transformation of glycogen to sugar.