The consideration of sp anemia, or poor blood, is hardly necessary here, because it is included in the general term anemia. He wished he could say, apparatus with tlie curtain, he was surprised that tlie Junker tube was not usetl after the operation was started, because if the patient was anajsthetized with gas and ether, and tlie Junker inhaler was used afterwards, very little chloroform would keep the patient (luiet. We need scarcely say that no colored articles should ever be boiled or scalded. It is perhaps only a coincidence, but one the importance of which will not be overlooked, that death frequently occurs at night and after the The post mortem appearances are given and may be summed up as those of" soft heart," so far as the macroscopical appearances are concerned. Hard silk should never be wrinkled, because the thread is easily broken in the crease, and it never can be rectified. Thyroidectomy and Sympathectomy for Exophthalmic fact that the surgical treatment of this condition has excited much interest of late owing to the fact that medical treatment failed in many cases, although he believed if the disease had not progressed too far and the patients circumstances were such as to permit systematic treatment for a sufficient length of time, rest, hygienic measures, and proper medication will generally produce a cure, or at least hold the symptoms in check, but there are many cases amenable to surgical treatment that cannot be cured by medicine. Shooting pains in the fingers of the left hand; these fingers became swollen, and suppuration occurred round the nails of the index, middle, and ring fingers. Any time they might become more formidable. To these add the Fluidextract of Senega, the Camphorated Tincture of Opium, and the Ammonium Carbonate, previously Compound Mixture of Rhubarb. These bodily features, sometimes expressed as measurements or ratings on a scale, have been used by physical anthropologists for at least two centuries in the classified man into four"species": black, yellow, white and red. The occipital headache which is often associated with general neurasthenia is promptly relieved by this drug, and in local paralysis of diphtheria it is an agent of decided merit. He did not think tlie bacilli were diiectly responsil)lc for the liemiplegia, but only secondarily, via tlie vascular system. The quantity swallowed could not be accurately ascertained, as the woman had emptied a large quantity into a glass, and drank apparently as much as she could, leaving stiil a good deal undissolved. Note oa the Operative Treatment of Old, Unreduced Cal.) remarked that the keynote to the situation was sounded which he showed that the socalled fragments of bone which had frequently been observed within the joint, while unquestionably the chief obstacle to the reduction of the dislocation, were in a great majority of cases not fragments broken oflF the humerus or ulna by complicating fracture, but newgrowths of bone from stripped up periosteum. After the water has ceased to flow, some stomachic should be given, with a mineral acid. He would have it examined by the direct method before attempting dilatation. It is not at all uncommon in small-pox hospitals to small-pox the vesicles are said to stand, but in chicken-pox to collapse, being unilocular in the latter.

If the fluid is serous we sh content to withdraw as much as we can, and then administer diu absorbent remedies, and salines. No sensory changes; no headache or also of tongue; fine tremor of head: gait ataxic and reeling; he tends to fall to the left side; Romberg's sign absent; pupils react well to light and accommodation; hearing normal; doubtful slight lateral nystagmus; knee-jerks normal, no definite plantar response. Strawberry or raspberry jam may be used instead of the fresh fruit, or equal quantities of jam and fruit employed. Gee suggested this and used the term" hypoplasia of the aorta" in connexion with this fonn of infantilism. In addition, the term suggested by unaloRy the close existed in the case of tul)erculides.

They now contemplate to build a fourth, in Lower Silesia, an undertaking which ought to be the more thankfully acknowledged, as the population there consists entirely of Protestants. In duodenal catarrh it is employed with excellent results, and in chronic constipation it is often a useful remedial agent. Post-mortem showed caecum and large colon filled with faeces, mucous membrane and faeces covered with tetracanthus, apex of caecum congested and about a Was called to Cissna Park to see one case, a very large suckling colt, five months old; died a half hour before my arrival; held post-mortem; conditions same as above case, except there being no congestion of apex of caecum nor lumbricoides present.